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Aesop Fables
– Friend or Foe? ©

Chin- Chin the panda saw a bamboo grove and he was sure that it grew so thick and juicy was for his sake. He announced that the grove was his private preserve. He saw in his path a fence with notice stating it was out of bounds for Pandas. He jumped past denting the fence here an there. He excused his conduct saying that he was about to become a giant around the region and that allowed him certain license to cause some damage. He had to negotiate another fence where to his surprise grew briar bush that grew so wild and the thorns were so sharp and it bled the Panda while he pledged his eternal friendship.
Because the bush did not say ‘No’ he took it as yes. He straightaway leaped to get hold of bamboo stalks. He missed and fell into the thick of a tangle and thorns bled him.
‘Friend I thought these kind of thorns never existed.’ Panda cried, For one thorn had got into a sensitive part of body which is called Xinxiang and made him dizzy. He hollered and said, ‘ Are you a friend or foe tell me!”
The Briar bush called Pak-Pak said, ‘I am a failed state and nothing but troubles grow here’
Chin- Chin knew that he had invited himself to this trouble. As he turned away, ‘Pak-Pak called,’ I am still friendly toward you.’
Chin-Chin spluttered and bruised all over he said, ‘Tell that to your worst enemy.’


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