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Global economy is not run by sheer ingenuity of some intrepid souls whose motto is not excellence but profits. Their dynamic leadership as some segments of capitalistic society make out, does not take finance of nations still higher. Gordon Gekko of Wall Street is a pathetic lost soul who represents a part of global consciousness to enrich themselves. Isn’t it a good thing? The answer depends on the state of our existence. We have chosen to be materialistic at the risk of losing our keen eye and ears for finer things in life. We have become crass  and arrogant in the many number of weaker people we have pushed to the gutter in order to prop up consumer market. It is like the curate’s egg which is good in parts and rotten in the other.

“Crime works

The economic value of crime and its profits are not confined to global finance. It also makes a difference on the ground. Take jobs and living standards. From the 1980s onwards, real wages in OECD countries have declined for those in unskilled and semi-skilled occupations, that is, a good majority of the labour market. If wage stagnation was the order of the day in the West, you can imagine that developing states were hardly lands of milk and honey for ordinary workers.

Take Mexico following the signing of the NAFTA agreement in 1994; this ushered in privatisation by the back, front and side doors. By 1996, if you were not one of Mexico’s 8m unemployed, you worked legitimately in the maquiladoras sweatshop assembly plants or in the informal economy. Poverty became endemic. Fast-forward to 2012 and a banner appears above a highway in Monterey, placed there by one of the countries “big four” cartels:

Operating Group ‘Los Zetas’ wants you … We offer a good salary, food, and we care for your family. Do not suffer bad treatment … We will not feed you Maruchan (noodle) soups. Do not hesitate to call 8671687423.

To Mexico’s legion of economically disenfranchised, Los Zetos are really making an offer they cannot refuse. And the available figures prove as such: the drug industry employs around half a million people – the fifth largest employer in Mexico. Those employed in the drug trade are required to possess a unique skillset – the ability to variously murder, torture, kidnap, mutilate and rape. But this is not the whole story.

The illicit narco economy creates a virtuous commercial circle of sorts. The narcoeconomy not only employs directly but sustains a network of existing or new support industries and business ventures: banking and finance, IT, logistics, farming and transportation, pharmaceuticals, industries which have transformed backwater towns.

Mainstreaming crime

Britain maybe some way from being a fully-fledged narcoeconomy but we should not underestimate the economic contribution of illicit markets and their criminal agents. Take the City of London, international citadel of high finance and favoured port of call for international criminals and organisations looking to wash their dirty or corrupt cash.

According to David Clarke, City of London’s police fraud investigator, London is attractive haven for crime money as checks and balances on those setting up businesses or investing are flexible. Possibly this is why London remains an island of prosperity whilst the rest of the UK economy is in a state of austerity stagnation.

Further down the laundering food chain, there are betting shops and high volume fixed odds betting terminals widely used by drug dealers and gangs to wash their profits. In fact, these digital betting terminals now account for half the profits of bookmakers’ profits. However, the chancellor plans to plunder a good deal of this revenue by raising the duty on betting terminals. William Hill, the UK’s largest high street bookmaker, responded by announcing the closure of 109 betting shops at a projected cost of 420 jobs.

To consider the possible macro-economic benefits of illicit markets is not in any way to justify or celebrate crime. Far from it. The intention has been to consider the growing interdependence between crime and the legitimate economy. In fact, a growing body of research evidence suggests that criminal organisations and illicit markets increasingly form part of the mainstream economy. The boundary between the wider legitimate economy and the illicit economy is increasingly blurred.

A recent scandal when horsemeat was discovered in many “beef” burgers sold in UK supermarkets is case in point. A government commissioned review “clearly showed criminal activity in the global food chain”; a process aided and abetted by the aggressive pursuit by supermarkets of margins in a cutthroat commercial environment. The problem, it seems, is not so much organised crime but a crime-organised economy.”

(quote from The Conversation- article: When crooks get rich the whole economy benefits- Mike Marinetto, Lecturer in Business Ethics at Cardiff university/20 May,2014)


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I used to fish whenever I had a chance. I have fished in the deep sea and in the canal behind my house whenever I had leisure and boy o boy! trouts love an angler like me. When they see my angle they know I am fishing for compliments.
No fear dearies! Had I been been less queasy about scaling or gutting myself I would have. Never mind, ethical living is what the modern world has come to.
Like Marx I thought hunting elephants in my pajamas was a good idea. Had I das Kapital I could have invested in a Winchester. In these cash strapped times one has to go with the flow and not get fancy ideas of hunting. Already I have been standing in the line for five hours and the employment is hard to come by. I hunted the other day for an employer who had his heart on the right side. I found one and he was eager to hire me without even checking my resume.
I did not have the heart to take the offer. ‘The hours are killing,’ said he,’no coffee breaks or no golden handshake.’
‘O I never pause for coffee. Except when I want to breathe.’ He took out his mobile, computed the number of pauses and giving me a dirty look, he said I was too expensive for him.
‘But I am taking next to nothing for 70 hour a week’, I spluttered. He shook his head and left me on the kerb. For the first time in my life my grin fell all askew and milk of human kindness somewhat curdled. I decided,’No more bright ideas to find a job except through the proper channel’.
Here you see I am all for ethical living. No jumping the queue or catching the media moghul Rupert Murdoch with a pie.
I intend to be a slave to ethical living. But economic slavery is alive and kicking, I know from the number of fellas who have been ass-kicked from 82 St to 43 St.There they live and have not dared to get up and go.It would fit well, like in somewhat variant version of the Sleeping Beauty, waiting for an employer in a shining armor to say the magic words,’You are hired!’
Ethical living is still alive. Ethics, forget it!

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What America has, in the recent times, achieved by politics spells trouble if one goes by enemployment figures. The confrontation between the GOP controlled House and Democratic-controlled Senate was fought on bi-partisan spirit and not for the good of the nation. The government defaulting on its debts was barely avoided but its credit triple rating fell.
‘The job market is even worse than the 9.1 percent unemployment rate suggests.
America’s 14 million unemployed aren’t competing just with each other. They must also contend with 8.8 million other people not counted as unemployed — part-timers who want full-time work.
When consumer demand picks up, companies will likely boost the hours of their part-timers before they add jobs, economists say. It means they have room to expand without hiring.
And the unemployed will face another source of competition once the economy improves: Roughly 2.6 million people who aren’t counted as unemployed because they’ve stopped looking for work. Once they start looking again, they’ll be classified as unemployed. And the unemployment rate could rise’.( 4th Sept- AP News the Daily Caller)
The only reason the Founding Fathers of the nation made their hard earned liberty secure was on capitalism. But politics of the skunks made it crapitalism. Here we see crapitalism at its best.
The politicians are all have their eyes on the 1912. So Democrats and Republicans did not want to look that they compromised on their principles and so cuts in spending had to be be applied for all its worth. Then only, so it seems to me, one party can give tax breaks for the super rich that keep the party relevant. ‘Kickbacks’ as a term in the Capitol Hill means not to kick a good thing that makes their tea party as cosy as can be.
Since politicians are all explaining ‘theology’ as a synonym for politics these days let me quote words of Jesus. ‘You have the poor with you always.’ As I edit this I realize the Labor days are here. Those who are taking time out resting from their labors think of who cannot rest because they have lost their labor from the day one.
The Republican party is full of able candidates who are for making a moral stand even in a political meeting. ‘You have the poor because we cannot go against the word.’
I rest my case.

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Number of Jobs I blew Away

The first was for the male lead In Tarzan, the Son of A Gun. I came into the walk in interview. I came walking all right but my bowlegs somehow didn’t make it to the screen test room.


There was a vacancy I could have filled in nicely. The job required a keen eye and attention to detail. So I sent a resume in which I mentioned all those accomplishments that the employers could not have verified.

For instance:

“I am the most talented employee my company has ever had before it went into liquifaction.

“I am the best and most awesome employee in Pudukottai. ”

* “My least client called me allmost perfect emplyee.” Unfortunately they could pick out the typos and mistakes.

There were more to come.

Now my only chance to land a job depends on the criterion:’Who has the most experience in being refused?” In that department my resume shall beat the rest, no doubt.


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The day I turned 18 my father called me to his study and said I was on my own. My parents wanted me to go and find a job. But jobs that came were not what exactly I was after.
So after a long search I became my own boss. I have this sign in front of my seat: the buck stops here.
At the end of the day no bucks stopped but two nickels.  That will do.
You see how one learns to downsize one’s expectations?


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One homeless person to another: “I thought of turning a new leaf; but the winter set in early.”

The other: “I was so low on the job market.  so I took a couple of degrees. But now I am overqualified for the jobs available”.


At a Hallow’n party

one in the costume of  Headless Horseman,  “I am not sticking my neck out for any one.”

His companion in a Dracula dress: ” Ichabod, you lost your head and I my dentures. We will take off from there during the party. Remember we are here for a good time.”


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