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Samuel Foote(1720-1777) wit
Dear Son,
I am in prison for debt; come and assist your loving mother.-E. Foote

Dear Mother,
So am I; which prevents his loving duty being paid to his loving mother.-Your affectionate son.
Samuel Foote
P.S_ I have sent my attorney to assist you; in the mean time let us hope for better days.
John Ruskin (1819-1900)

John Ruskin once received a request for donation to pay off the mortgage of the Duke Street Chapel and I have given here below an excerpt of his reply. It would seem he was addressing our present world; and for those who want buy now and pay later it may even be an eye opener!
Brentwood, 19 May,1886,
I am scornfully amused at your appeal to me, of all people in the world the precisely least like to give you a farthing! My first word to all men and boys to hear me is”Don’t get into debt. Starve and go to heaven-but don’t borrow. Try first begging_ I don’t mind if it’s really needful_stealing!. But don’t buy things you can’t pay for!”….
Isn’t it surprising how what we hold up as a virtue and a proof of a solid character is chipped away so slowly that none notices the enervation of personal values? In his essay ‘Unto This Last’ Ruskin wrote ‘There is no wealth but life.’
Dulled senses of a person who has chased a mirage at the cost of his or her personal values,-character, take the place as a slave driver. No pity or no worthwhile example but the constant goading the person to acquire branded items that he or she doesn’t really need. The victim scarcely notices what is branded right through the flesh to the spirit.

Moral: Virtues of one Age are the vices of another. Capitalism invented mass consumerism and made the bible for the lost and the damned. One only needs to see the mess we are all in.



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News on the March
Irish tycoon ordered to repay bank record $560 mln-AP News
Sean Quinn was once the richest man in Ireland till he was declared a bankrupt. He had found the easiest way to reach where he wanted to be. Only that he wanted to land into a life of ease and all the luxuries the wealth could provide him. He mistook a turnstile for his home and it was his mistake. He passed through this turnstile to be declared a bankrupt. He may not know but there is a regular stampede outside to take his place and they have no clue what is going on really within.
How does the rich turn poor? For the simple reason there is no trick to juggle with figures,- and lo and behold you are a billionaire on paper, and it is what we see these days since greed is good has been declared as a mantra for the fellows who never did a day’s honest work. They were latched onto a single idea,- and so engrossed in it were they to train their hands to learn a useful trade or master some art or crafts. In all probability they would have let down those who had high hopes on them and, their teachers, dear ones who saw in them something precious. The great men in hurry are so seized with their own goals that they might fail to make some one else happy by giving something genuinely their own. Love as always is swallowed up in greed. Citizen Kane for example is a good example.
It is also quite possible they may have not felt a single emotion in their adult lives.
See one who is ambitious to make riches by playing in stocks? In the stock market the greater fool theory has already tagged him to play a fool. Naturally he acquires all the trappings of wealth on credit and when he is really shown for what he is, everything he had amassed also are taken from him. He has simply missed life, which was the greatest gift he had in the first place to call his own. John Ruskin rightly wrote ‘There is no wealth but life.’(Unto This Last)
When you see paper billionaires turn aside lest you should be taken along with these insubstantial men of shadows. We ought to be concerned with life and not false shadows that cannot substitute for life.
Tail Piece:
Tomorrow is is the Thanksgiving Day- Let Turkey be freed from fear of another quake and Greece not drip from the Euro-plate. Keep precious China out of the table.

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