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In the previous post I mentioned that oneness of Nature allows matter to be of one susbstance. Life and material aspects of it are somewhat between and betwixt since soul is precisely that. Light can be particle as well as a wave and reality of soul in terms of reality is in direct context with Ultimate Reality. Think of it like a doughnut: it is not that hole is going to make any worse in your stomach than the bad dough. Similarly it is not how you defined your soul but how you handled your material form is the test you defined your substance.
If man does value his soul as his most precious possession will it not vary his order of priorities in the manner he approaches any situation? As a soldier the enlisted man is sent to kill one who is pointed out to you ‘enemy combatant’. In another situation a diplomat is sent out to dissemble abroad and hide the real intent of his nation and knowing he is peddling a pack of lies how does he handle it? Moral sense a man carries is a veritable minefield. In my opinion there is no simple answer as much as soul of another is not for me to direct. Every person who values his soul must arrive at the correct decision by himself.
The principle of self similarity shows nature of man directs the conformist as well as non-conformist, warmonger and the pacifist. Their actions good or bad will find similarity and it can go on posing grave risk, moral dilemma as we see at present in our midst.
How greed has taken over man’s lives cannot be said too lightly since his entire perception of his oneness with humanity or other life forms has been obliterated. He would rather denude Amazon for quick returns and his cattle for export must be given more room. The earth is sufficient for man’s needs but not for his greed. At the rate we have been exploiting the earth’s precious resources we would need two and half earths. Here also some have much more.
We hear now of ethical living. Is veganism any superior to eating meat? I do not know. I am skeptical about all fads where there seems certain idealism inherent but no susbstance. Is rubbing your nose in dirt for showing your love for god is comparable as reveling in the love of god as a babe in the arms of its mother? ( For me God is a Caring and Loving Reality. As a proof I can only prove in my care for others, all live forms included.)
Instead some sects ‘purify ‘themselves but for what? They cannot think of god except when they mutilate themselves or cry Jihad! They themselves define their gods by their stupidity. Not the other way about.
Plants are life forms too as chickens or porker. Moderation is all, sirs, in all things. (Leave the goodness of this earth for the needy too.) In our respect for life we are defining self-similarity of Nature in tokens that must in turn change even how world treats us? We are part of the same forces and add our very own. Surely?
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“Organic food has no nutritional or health benefits over ordinary food, according to a major study published Wednesday.

Researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine said consumers were paying higher prices for organic food because of its perceived health benefits, creating a global organic market worth an estimated $48 billion in 2007.

A systematic review of 162 scientific papers published in the scientific literature over the last 50 years, however, found there was no significant difference.

“A small number of differences in nutrient content were found to exist between organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs, but these are unlikely to be of any public health relevance,” said Alan Dangour, one of the report’s authors.” (Reuters-London)

I am quoting the latest news from Yahoo.News. Organic food is the latest mantra and there are so many takers for a healthier style of living. Naturally so. When big money dictate the kind of food we should eat and start strong arm tactics to make us fall in there ought to be some protest. It must also succeed. Afterall big Czars of Belly like Monsantos would want to see more greenbacks for every cent they invest we only want to see some green like peas or spinach. Between this unequal struggle which has been fought so many times through ages a third front shall always close ranks. This group has not money power but knowledge. It also acquires  voice echoing from many thinkers who have  ever been dissidents. The school of thought who rephrase such savants have in the past showed skepticism. Take the split between the Church and Paganism. The third front is rational belief. Science naturally takes to it.  When one group was for blindly believing in spirits of the woods,rivers, air and so on the Church was for transubstantiation and similar concepts.  Whereas the Church having grown in power (of unshakable supremacy) could burn the other as witches  we have to see the age of Enlightment as historical necessity.

It is in these fight between two ideas Science has come to play a role.

Science of alchemy over ages has given to a more sober approach to inquire into nature of things. These were quite men some living in their ivory towers never wanting to draw attention to themselves. But now even scientists are ever in a hurry to shock the world with some dramatic news. So many dodgy scientific papers where data are lifted from the inquiry into anthrax to fit on papers dealing with anthracite, have become the norm. I am sure benefits of organic food as touted by such charlatans take a life of its own.  One lie told in innocence and believed unchecked shall snowball into a avalanche. The public fads are myths and often have looks of intelligence. A scientific temper cannot be acquired unless one is prepared to pay in patience and make sacrifices.  Modern education, alas, produces clever men but not wise ones. (note: Recently we read about Science debunking the myths surrounding full moon. There was also another interesting news. Some witch doctors in an African country were found guilty of killing albinos for their supposedly curative powers. b.revised: Sept.2009)

Our societies often work on premises untested. What is the happiness factor? Material riches? In a consumer society what constitutes happiness? There are those who think a family that has money to burn is a happy family. My friend who is in the USA is affluent and yet he told me a couple of years ago with a touch of envy about his neighbor. He said his wife also shared his envy. My friend cited her words and sighed, ‘Why Ben, she can have beauty treatment every month and stop from ageing. Before her breasts could sag she had a breast implant for instance. It must be wonderful in these cash strapped times.”  When I sounded skeptical he said, “She can have her own oil reserves right at home.” Yes oil per barrel was near $100. I could see his line of thinking. Of course he had got facts mixed up.


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Morality seems to be one word that is misunderstood as Truth. We explore the validity of truth like in a game, in the game of Life. We are blindfolded by our humanness and we feel the shape from our senses, what is an absolute value. Morality however holds different emphases. Truth we bear in our soul as though some gleam caught in our Self. With which we may embroider Selfishness in so many ways. A man like Gordon of Khartoum would invite death though his nemesis offers him a way out. He is not so much as troubled by his inconsistencies or dirty heel but to prove something to the world. Man who plays the part of Messiah unfortunately has to struggle with his inner demons or messiah complex in some cases.

Morality is not such selfishness that only clouds ‘the ray pure serene ‘ Truth.

What is it then? Morality is binding man’s essence or Soul to the wagon of Truth. As such his humanness may drag him through the streets and yet when he speaks it makes other take note of the Highest. He may be a thief and yet like Francois Villon gives man an insight into Truth. He is not pretending to be a moral reformer but merely following a bend of his mind. Take Percy Bysshe Shelley for example. His search for Truth got him kicked out of university since atheism was frowned upon as evil. All his life he followed his inclinations perfecting his craft and his Republican ideals like a moth trying to snuff out the false light of mercantile class of England. In the process he ruined the lives of a few women because he practiced free love!   Can we connect morality with such a man?


Morality is what gives even a fallen leaf its poignancy. ‘I fall upon the thorns of life; I bleed!’ so lamented Poet Shelley. His moral sense was of the highest order despite his controversial life style. I cite his example specially to show morality is not to be confused with living true to the position the organized religion might hold. Position of any organization changes with times. Truth does not. This itself ought to  warn people not to sell their true selves like Esau did. (note: the story of Jacob and Esau is alluded here. Patriarch Jacob  had great many faults for which the world has often faulted his children ever since. A Jew in the former times signaled to the ‘gentiles’  certain characteristics which we see in the Patriarch who for all his unpleasant traits valued the worth of being first born correctly.) If we compromised our essence what else is there for us to cherish?

Alas my essence must burn with gem-like hardness drawing on the oxygen of the world. Moral sense gives the flame its shape, drawing others to bask in its warmth.

Let me define Moral Sense: It is your correct understanding of your self in context of something else. A moral Being has his sense to bring his world into a sharper focus by actions worth of his being and as in the case of Shelley through his poetry.
Even mundane events in our world about us draw us to learn a moral lesson. Moral in the sense it gives us fresh insight to our life among myriad life forms. Thus a rose fades; or a flower in its bloom has fallen by the wayside. It doesn’t fade off uncared for. It lives still in our mind.
Morality is the celebration of humanness in the web of life. With such understanding we maintain correct sensitivity to appreciate the role of every life form. In what myriad ways we are served by it and in what ways we acknowledge our debt or repay it ought to keep our life significant. Such a moral sense is positive in nature.
Moral sense does not make a fuss about meat eating or sticking to a diet of herbs and greens. We need not forget: plants are also life forms. A glutton would say:‘making a fine salad is to celebrate the life of plants.’ A dyspeptic man might argue and he would say,” Eating sparingly is to celebrate life.’ Moral sense is much more than superficial observance of rituals and diet. It is your very life with which you negotiate with other lives. Our lives are on the line so to speak.
Tailpiece:  Moral sense is not counted in dollars and cents. If we do not get our way in a deal we do not have to hire a lawyer who (may) find a loophole in the law to make the other party pay. Do we have to have our pound of flesh every time we have walked an extra mile?


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A Rounded Life

Life is a bowl of salad I am told:
Fresh lettuce, sprouts and carrots raw
Or diced,- a healthy diet is eaten cold;
Whoever has his moral sense in his maw
Life so simple as some fads observed
For a vegan will do.

Doesn’t there a spirit in roots
That guides the oak to fill out in size,-
No tender greens put out their shoots
In its shade; expedient spirit of oaks
Spells death for some but gives its force
Freely to great many.

Moral sense is at the heart,- all enveloping
Spirit that gives life its shine and fullness.
Life can only be held and enriched by life.



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