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The fruity smell of a banana is on account of a chemical substance, ester. It is distinct from that of a pineapple. Three carbons and six hydrogen in a molecular structure give its distinctive signature. Ethyl caprylate or amyl acetate is created when molecules are compounded in a correct sequence. With it each substance would have acquired its distinct personality or signature smell as well.
A geometrical recognition of molecules among themselves is implied for ester to be distinct from ethyl caprylate. A ‘virtual’ consciousness. Virtual in the sense it is imaginary and yet allowed. If ethyl caprylate is boiled in water, ester falls apart to produce alcohol and caprylate acid. Ester is insoluble in water. If every test follows predictably we must concede these molecules do carry some sort of awareness. A virtual consciousness.
My thoughts wing on the ubiquitous molecules of Cosmos and these are like bottled messages found floating but how I am found (or read) is not known. I know these fill out a profile who and what I am. The least I can do is to be consistent. Ethyl Caprylate is created when molecules compounded in correct sequence. Similarly my thoughts and actions do hint basic characteristics or ‘soul.’
Be not afraid of men who can only kill your body and not your soul. One may kill you in the name of prophet or religion another for the good of the state. They always find reasons for it. What a waste of effort! Killing Socrates or Stephen did not stop their cause. Freedom of thought is still preserved from harm. Stephen was the martyr for the Apostolic Church. Think what a disservice the Church later did when it became organized into a megalith and synonymous with every evil practice? Men cannot touch your soul and it shall speak in your defence or accuse you of selling you for a little pomp and earthly glory.

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Here is a Puzzling Thought
Rapid eye movement sleep (REM sleep) is a normal stage of sleep characterized by the random movement of the eyes. If we are asleep why move eyes at all? Perhaps the answer may lie in the manner we explain the nature of consciousness. During REM, the activity of the brain’s neurons is quite similar to that during waking hours; for this reason, the REM-sleep stage may be called paradoxical sleep. Here we have consciousness of the wakeful state and a ‘virtual’ consciousness of the sleep phase. Physiology shows same pattern of neurons sent by the brain.
In the Cosmic Mind within the Golden Pagoda dreams are like the scum that flows along the streaming of Consciousness of the Cosmic Mind. Bizarre shapes clocks without hands and slicing of sausages, or falling of tooth are all Nature’s way of interpreting the Mind for the individual. In similar fashion prophets see visions and the individuals consult those whom they think are gifted to interpret dreams.

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Consciousness is what makes us what we are. We are homo sapiens, the wise ones.
We are conscious of our Self and our surroundings. If we aren’t conscious of ourselves can we be conscious of anything else? No. Our wisdom is therefore in that consciousness.
A candle flame goes out when there is no oxygen. When we cut off air the flame goes out. It is conscious of the fact. How did the flame know? There is a kind of consciousness that a flame can employ. It is virtual consciousness. Virtual in the sense it is non-existent but allowed for the purpose.
We have consciousness that is active and we use to adjust our conduct accordingly. Thus we have a public persona and another when alone. Animals also are conscious and active too. They hunt in pairs because they know their success rate in a kill would be higher. We are the wise ones because we have thousand tricks up in our sleeve that we can tame animals that are more powerful than we are. The animals use instinct and we think and become what we want to become. Or we are conscious of ourselves and can lift us by the bootstraps as it were, to achieve our goals.
We also have another kind of consciousness of which we may not have given much thought. When we are asleep we dream and at REM phase(rapid eye movement)  Why do we move eyes if we are unconscious? There is another kind of consciousness at work here. It is an universal consciousness which envelop all and also the Cosmos. Cosmic Mind, it is called. Man thinks therefore he is at home in that mind. Those who believe in God(or Allah or any other) may read it as follows: I think therefore I am in His mind.
Thus when one prays in a right spirit his or her prayers do not fall by the wayside but are instead, written in The Book of Remembrance.’

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