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In or Out

A Polynesian chief was showing an European traveler around the landscape dotted with a few hundreds of volcanic mounds and at some point he stopped. He said reverentially, ”We are at the navel of Mother Earth.” Unmindful of the astonished look of his guest he continued, “ These hills are not ordinary… it is the earth inside out.” Pointing to a mound he said that it is called the Cloud Hill. Another he said was named for the Sun.
The traveler was skeptical.
“There you see the hill pointing to the moon?” The chief said. “Well what of that?”
“That is where we sacrifice tonight, at the very top.” “ In honor of the moon goddess? The visitor asked. “No, to Mother earth!”
“Chief I would have thought that you could have given her due reverence without climbing the hill ?” His guest asked. “No, She showed her inside out pointing to where she wish to be honored. So we merely fulfill her wishes.” The chief said with great awe.
Pacings of a life form are synchronized with Oneness. How one moves between two time scales is by balancing the spirit and body. Thus one functions Here and Now.


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No great monument like the Pyramids of Cheops could have been built on the levels of energy of the ruling class alone. So the powers-that-be hit upon an idea that would electrify the masses. A belief in afterlife and the pharaoh as a celestial symbol made it all possible.
Think of every life form having equal share to energy that is a constant. Isn’t that wealth even though that may not be counted in dollars, pounds or in Euros? Who holds all that wealth?

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