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Brahma the Creative genius in the Trinity one day saw a caterpillar struggling to tackle a fat green leaf without much success. In a fit of mad thought he said,’I could make you a mighty prince, paragon of all virtues that any woman would give her life for.’
‘Virtue what is that? is it juicy or dry? Please let it be not acidic.’ Brahma roared with laughter.
He said, ‘I am going to set you in the bed room of the most handsome princess of Hastinapuram. You shall know what it is like. Direct experience, that shall be your best teacher.’
Instantly the caterpillar turned into a handsome young man whose muscles rippled with power. He felt it run through his body. He looked around in that dim light. A figure sat up. It was the princess. She writhed with pleasure. ” A vision! I could die for the pleasure’.
The young man hastened to her saying,’I am the answer to your prayers, O princess!’
She shrieked and said,’You have stepped in between my dream and me. How cruel!
The man just stood there astounded.
She was pointing to a moth that had come fluttering in. She rudely waved away the man and said lovingly to the new comer,’Oh my dream lover! I prayed all these years and observed vows to please the Incomparable Shiva. I am ready if you are, o lover.
Immediately she turned into a burst of flame and the moth threw himself into the funeral pyre.
It snapped something in that young man. He just crumbled to ashes.
Aeons later Lord Shiva was chatting with Brahma and he narrated the curious prayer of the princess of Hastinapuram. Brahma became curious and said he had transformed a caterpillar and sent the young man to her bed chamber. Shiva filled in gaps and Brahma fell silent. He shrugged his shoulder to dismiss the incident saying,’ Not even gods can understand what young girls look for in a man, these days!’
Moral: Vision of prophets speaks only a part. Little do they realize there is more to it.


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At the Altamira Caves©

A group of prehistoric men camped in the Upper Paleolithic caves Spain thought they were guided by some unseen hand. From where they stood they could see in the valley below such abundant wild-life, which they could hunt. There was plenty of meat to go round. Because it was a coastal area they also fished and it gave some variety to their diet. When they painted the caves they were in a manner of speaking thanking whatever made them seek that part of rocky outcrop.
‘Imagination no doubt.’ One wizened man exclaimed.
‘But from where it came to us?’ The young braves queried.
The old man replied, ‘ By the same source that made us leave our history along the walls.’
They didn’t get it so they pressed him to explain. ‘Would we have left these paintings behind if we did not think we would be found?’
Later when roof of a cave collapsed they decided it was time to move on.
As they filed their way to safer regions the old man asked the group of hunter-gatherers who were responsible for painting the walls,’ Don’t you want to leave your signature?’
‘Whatever for?’ perplexed they were at the question, ‘ we were merely the hand that obeyed Imagination whatever it is.’ In our exercising the imagination we prove we are part of a dream at the centre of which holds an Absolute quality.
Let me quote Carlyle”For indeed it is well said,’in every object there is inexhaustible meaning: the eye sees in it what the eye brings means of seeing.’ To Newton and Newton’s dog Diamond, what a different pair of universe; while the painting on the optical retina of both was, most likely the same!’( French Revolution./Book I.1.2)
When you look at the immensities do you trace the lineaments of God or Allah and think It gave you the right to demolish those who didn’t see it the way you did?
Wherever one is, that the Centre of Immensities,-for believer, theist, agnostic atheist alike. Centre of Immensities is an expression of Carlyle and I find in him some similarities.

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Parable of An Unprofitable Steward©
The king had to go on a long journey. Before he departed he called his council of servants, who were permitted to speak frankly at all times to hear his charge. He entrusted the care of ten cities to one servant whose abilities he counted most. Similarly he left seven cities under the charge of one who was of the second in rank; and three with his servant with limited abilities. Lastly he left the care of a harbor town with a servant who was of very middling abilities.
Before he took leave he exhorted them to rise to the challenge so he may have cause for greater confidence in them in future. Thus he left.
After a long absence the king returned and called his servants to account. Each servant had done well except the one who was entrusted with the harbor town.
The servant excused himself saying he had the most difficult time since he not only had to hold the town from internal strife but also keep enemies from coming in. “I just held the town from ruin till you came. Now I deliver the town just as it was back to you. ”
The king pointed to him the way other servants had gone and waged war with their neighbors and added territories twice as much.
The king stripped the harbor town from his hand and gave to his own son. The servant got very angry and said,” Sire, in your absence what did he do? He merely sat on your throne..”
The king replied, ” You are right. He just ruled as I would have. Under his watch all servants, excepting you, added to my kingdom. They proved they were kings in their own right. So they get to rule over their kingdoms from henceforth.”
He ended saying,” All you did was to conduct as a servant not to be found fault with. You cannot be of use to me. “
When you are expected to be like a king, the mindset of a servant will not do.

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