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Think of earth as our home and everything what takes place in it shall somehow work its way for better or worse into each one of us.

Security reasons compel one nation to trawl civil liberties of its citizenry and collect data which shall as in the case of Snowdon affair serve other nations to fix theirs a little better.

Where do you think this race will lead to? One earth in which all member nations shall be wasting their precious limited resources for zero gains.

Our earth our home. Race for material gains rattles it. Space race following the US getting hold of German v2 rocket program during the Cold War period showed its futility when ISS was needed for space explorations where the US and Russia required help from each other.. Does war on ideology serve any better than a spirit of cooperation ?

Much less different belief systems shall serve interests of the earth. It is the only home we have got.


‘Belief has never blown a feather away. Deeds have levelled mountains.’

Fools praying on special days or 5 times a day made worse by killing other faiths on other days. The earth our home is a monument to folly of belief systems that never did the job as we hoped it would do.

Rascals we have had plenty who using fear of the unknown as a tool to subjugate our better natures to an idea they never followed themselves.

The earth is full of such follies that show peaks of human profligates playing with our secular and spiritual lives.

Turkish caliphate is anathema to Arab Sunnis. Historically caliphate had no leg to stand in time and place wherever it was imposed. It proved a failure for the simple reason these caliphs who ran the lives of others never looked to the time nor to social changes. Had the caliphs of old looked to the welfare of believers, would have worked to equip them take charge of changes in social history. This was not the case. Ask ourselves: why did Arab Spring never take off?

Kings, caliphs etc., have all taken advantage of the time secure their hold and not better the world. They left the earth worse than ever.

When one hears caliphate in our time it is a sure signal the world shall be much worse than is.



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‘The government itself, which is only the mode which the people have chosen to execute their will, is equally liable to be abused and perverted before the people can act through it. Witness the present Mexican War, the work of comparatively a few individuals using the standing government as their tool; for in the outset, the people would not have consented to this measure.’ Instead of Mexican War the reader may insert another say Vietnam War or War in Iraq. Thoreau’s argument for resisting evil governments would be still valid. Recently we read that that America is for greater cooperation with Vietnam. Is it because Vietnam could send the US army home packing? Or perhaps the Communist ideology did not make the people anymore red than the capitalist America did not make Americans any more capitalistic than before? The ideologies are merely eyewash but people are flesh and blood. People are easily hoodwinked.That is all. The Mexican War was for some an advantage as any war is. Only that those few (who stood to benefit) need to expend the lives of so many in order to achieve it. In order to gain their ends they use some smokescreen of slogans and arguments. How come we do not hear anymore imminent threats on terrorist strike as before? The mass media itself found other subjects to spend its attention on than ‘crying wolf!’ It is the duty of every nation to educate their citizens to think straight and share equally the burden of running a good government. Nations that leave the people less informed let the crooked to rank and fester. It may suit their purpose but not for the nation.
Vietnam was granted unconditional normal trade relations (NTR) status by the United States in December 2006. … In 2009, Vietnam was ranked 17 among all suppliers of food and … (ack:www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn) One would think that if nations given a better insight and understanding of human nature they could co-exist with one another and enjoy the trade and commerce across the globe. Instead the Vietnam divided the people all over the world and nation against nation. The social revolution that it set off changed America once and for all. Reefers,coke, LSD came out into the open. Then of course many other drugs would appear across campuses and street corners. Heroin will hook many and their insatiable appetite for such drugs will create their own phalanxes of drug pushers.
Footnote: Thoreau wrote his essay when the Mexican War was going on. Mexico may have lost Texas. But did the war settle peace between the USA and Mexico? We do not hear the ringing cry ‘Remember Alamo!’ but instead the war on drugs has spilled across. Drug pushers target ethnic groups and each has his own supply chain and users. Manifest destiny of America is not to be drowned in a pool of blood shed by drug wars. But just the same many innocent families are caught up in it and shall bring many more.
Has peace come to roost south of the border?

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