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Statesman, founder of modern Turkey.

The sick man of Europe was Turkey with the Ottoman-rule having come to a perpetuation of excesses and rights of a few. In its decline it fought off all attempts from within and the outside threats to set itself right; Kemal Ataturk founded the Turkey’s national party at the end of WWI. And in 1920 a provisional government elected him president of Turkey and gave him a chance to restructure the country and bring it up-to-date. For his reforms he had the cooperation of a large majority of his people.
The founder of modern Turkey won fame as the defender of Galipoli. After the first World War he served as a leader for Turks, who wished to resist Allied plans to divide and subject their country and Greek’s attempt to occupy a part of it. He remade the Turkish army and defeated the Greeks and deposed the Sultan. He made a treaty with the Allies (Lausanne 1923) which recognized the independence of his people. Out of the Ottoman empire, the nation state of Turkey was born. He ruled the state as president for the rest of his life and remoulded it. He westernised the country, replaced the islamic law by western law, emancipated women, abandoned Arabic for the Latin alphabet. He abolished the caliphate. A remarkable man he was.



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Peter the Great (1673-1725)

Having resolved to transform Russia in the model of the West ,a  delegation including himself under an assumed name of ‘Peter Mikhailov’set out from Moscow in March 1697.
His curiosity was prodigious. He inspected saw mills, grist mills and factories of all kind. He asked questions and sent samples of all sorts of machines and tools back to Russia. He hired engineers and artisans and sent them to Russia with promise of good wages. Latest innovations in the fields of  shipbuilding, medicine, surgery were looked into.

In Amsterdam he happened to see a dentist at work. Dentists were unknown in Russia. Peter took the man to his rooms  and learned how to use his tools and bought them from him. Thereafter he practiced the craft on many members of his party, pulling out both sound and decayed teeth indiscriminately.
While in continent he came to hear of a barbarous method of executing criminals on the wheel. The Czar wanted to see how this was done. When told that there were no criminals on hand for execution, he became impatient. “Why be concerned for one human life?” he asked, “ Take one of my servants for the purpose.”

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