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Lord Melbourne when he was the Chief Secretary to Ireland ran his office in an unorthodox manner allowing Protestants and Catholics and seditious elements to approach him directly with their problems. One day a little boy, the son of a subordinate was brought in to be shown his room at the office.
“Is there anything you’d like here?”William asked him kindly. The child chose a stick of sealing wax. “That is right my boy,”said William pressing a bundle of pens into his hands,”begin life early. All these things belong to the public, and your business is to get out of the public as much as you can.”

Melbourne as the First Minister got along famously with the young Victoria who was still in her teens. She looked for guidance to the elder statesman during his official morning visits. Once when during dessert he had taken two apples she queried why he had taken two when he was unlikely to eat more than one he replied: “I would like to have the power of doing so.”(Ack: Melbourne-David Cecil)

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