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A wolf bruised all over came down to drink from his usual watering hole. He saw a lamb on the other side of the hole happily lapping up water. Annoyed he accused him of want of respect. The lamb still smiling said, ‘when the sky drops water barley grows without much sweat’. The wolf was all the more incensed. “I am talking of water, how dare you talk of barley?” The lamb went on slurping and it made the wolf all the more angry. “Didn’t you muddy the water yesterday?” the wolf hollered.
“I wasn’t even thirsty yesterday.”
“Ah the day before, I am certain”. They went on arguing back and forth and the wolf every time going farther in time. In the end the lamb shouted across, “Stop! 1812 war was not my making!” the lamb stood his ground, “If you would pick a quarrel know your history and speak more to the facts”.
The wolf was so flabbergasted and said,”your cheekiness is so outrageous. I shall eat you up for that reason alone.”
The lamb let out a raspberry and said, “I would have taken you seriously if you had even a single teeth left.”
Don’t go about threatening without knowing your own ability carry them out. This is what tariff wars of America remind me. Unilateralism of any nation neck deep in mire is merely shooting wind.


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Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)
US President, statesman

Lincoln’s Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, wrote an angry letter in response to a general who abused him and accused him of favoritism. He showed it to the President who agreed that it was first-rate.
Stanton was about to fold the letter into an envelope and Lincoln asked him what he intended to do with it.
“ Send it to him.”
“No, that would spoil it. File it away. This is the kind of filing that doesn’t wound the other fellow.”
At the end of a cabinet session President Lincoln collected the voices only to find opposed by everyone around the table.
‘Noes seven, ayes one,” he announced, “the ayes have it.”
(Ack: The Governance of Britain-Harold Wilson)
While delivering a speech he was interrupted by a heckler who
said, “Do I have to pay a dollar to pay the ugliest man in the country? ”
“I am afraid, sir,” Lincoln replied calmly, “ that you were charged a dollar for that privilege but I’ve it for nothing.”
A group of diplomats having caught sight of the President shining his shoes protested thus: ‘In England no gentleman ever cleans his own boots.’
When told Lincoln’s response was, ‘Indeed! Whose boots do they clean then?’
When young Lincoln was practicing in the courts of Illinois, once he was arguing a case where the lawyer represented the opposite party made a speech to the jury full of wild statements.
Lincoln in his reply pointed to his disregard of truth with an anecdote. He compared him to a little steamboat on the Sangamon River. ‘This little steamer had a five foot boiler and a seven-foot whistle. Every time it whistled the engine stopped.
Now the reason lies in the constitution of his mind. The moment he happens to talk all his mental operations cease and he is not responsible’.
The senator from Ohio was the chairman of the Civil War committee,one of those radical Republicans who was more interested in his own career than of the interests of the country became a stumbling block for the President. His interference was bad enough and once he informed the Present to get rid of General George McClellan. Lincoln asked him who he had in mind to take his place.
The senator said,’Anybody.’
Lincoln replied:’Well Senator, anybody may be alright with you, but I’ve got to have somebody.”

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Ulysses S. Grant
Early in his military career, Ulysses S. Grant complained about the inadequacy of the officer who shared his command in a certain campaign. Grant’s senior general snapped,  “You underrate this man; remember he has been through ten campaigns.”
Grant pointing to a mule replied that it also has been through as many campaigns, “But still he is a jackass, isn’t he?”
Franklin Delano  Roosevelt
A distinguished Jurist when asked to run for the Presidency demurred on the plea that he in the highest office may be compelled to make some distressing compromises, FDR had this to say,” First get elected, Judge, then get honest.”

While Roosevelts were entertaining some family friends at the White House, a huge boiled salmon was brought in on a silver platter. It elicited the remark from FDR to his wife,” Who gave us that magnificent fish?”
“Why are you so sure that that somebody gave it to us?” She asked him.
“Because nobody in his senses would go out and actually buy a fish as big as that.”
Inspite of his crippled condition FDR possessed great stamina.
Once after completing a whirlwind tour he appeared fresh and relaxed someone asked how he could accomplish so much without getting worn out Roosevelt answered,  “You are looking at a man who spent two years trying to wiggle his big toe.”


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