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Nothing but trouble comes out of these four:

Making use of friends. Remember the down fall of Choi Soon-sil who was a close confidante of the former South Korean President. She has been sentenced for corruption. Similarly the case of Sashikala in the state of Tamil Nadu. She was so close with Jayalalitha, as close and deep as a tape worm in her bowels. Where is she now? Once the Chief Minister died her fate was sealed. So is everyone who is eager to be seen in company of the rich and famous.

Making friends with others with ulterior motives, is like a book that has lost its cover. Soon incessant demands one makes for their time, and peddling influence using their names blunts his/her moral fibre. A dog eared book with many pages missing is only fit for trashcan.

Loving things above people makes you dependent on a worse taskmaster who will only leave you bound after having gnawed off your heart ,soul and the very music of your life. Late Helmut Kohl the architect of an unified Germany was under the cloud. Since dead we shall not discuss his corruption as leader of men. Now a toxic family feud follows him to his grave. Kohl may turn in his grave what price he paid for such a discord?

Things also mean surface appearances: loving a woman for her bloom of youth and not taking care to invest your time to make her bask in your love unfeigned, shall leave a bitter taste when years take a toll of both. Duke of Wellington sought the hand of his Kitty when his name was yet to be heard. When he finally married her the shock was great for him they lived unhappily as ever. What price is glory of man who cannot find warmth around his hearth?

Inability to appreciate your own gifts every day of your life, and put them to use in howsoever much narrow turf you are provided with, amounts to suicide.


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Of the very substance,- Ah dust I am,

Veiled, the light of wisdom is but dim:

Its sovereign rays penetrate however,

Dispers’d through my sentient flesh, a prism.


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Hear blessings dropping their blossoms around you. ~Rumi

I heard silence as it dropped

from heaven:

It was there for birds to sing their

joy of living;

it was there for mothers

to dandle their babes

while the kettle bubbled;

it was there for love to speak

and be heard in unspoken words.

Oh wrap this cosmos-

the void, to brim

That the wise shall keep in their heart

As heaven on earth.


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These are observations that I as an old man have concluded as valid. Equally valid observations anyone may make and it need not agree point by point with mine. After all my life experience is not of another. Think how static and boring this world would be had it been a single standard? There would be no give and take and only a one way street. Rule of the Old fogey on the basis of life experience counted in years. No I shall stick to mine.

Life is non-dimensional where your experience outs you -it gives away where you are going and you are placed in time and place by others. My father despaired that I have totally wasted my life while I disagreed with his conclusion. Only I can, looking back see what despaired my father was based on his experience, that was within a set of rules. While I can see what were my failures, I mean in his eyes, could be turned around to advantage. He was appalled by my passion for art,literature,music etc and he rightly concluded it impeded me in my pursuit of my carer. My career ended at the age of retirement while all the strengths I invested in my art and intellect are still in full flow and each day I am raring to go. Of course this too shall pass.
I was never a joiner. While politics interested me in a way the extent people could behave downright foolish and believe in promises of some blackguards who in the name of public service have chosen to use them for their own purposes.Some of these rogues have gone from strength to strength and did all to wreck their country. Yet I have seen them having the audacity to appear in public asking for votes and getting away with it. Even in liberal and affluent nations man on the street is naive yet work of their hands keep the country from going under; these hard-working citizenry working against great many hardships hold the nation going. What makes them still stand ? They have hopes. Hope that these politicians are steadily chipping away. I understand that it is still as strong as ever. Whether in India or in the US politics as played will remain lopsided but shall not wreck it. Isn’t it a mystery? Mystery of life.
Then why do we need the politicians? Simply because hope needs a heart that will keep on beating even if the head is somewhat rotten. Like the immune system the ability of the body to survive the perils of one part of the body is much more than sum of the parts.
Thank God I don’t have to rebuild society to which my claim has been at its best a nodding acquaintance. Had I involved too much into it under a mistaken notion my will or efforts would have made the difference, I would have thrown away the better part of my life. By inclination and disposition I was almost a recluse I have kept my own counsel at the same time devoting my energies I had to spare, on a few friends.That suited me then while now love of a woman and making it bear fruits on day to day basis is fine with me.

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A Thought-W.H. Davies(1871-1940)

When I look into a glass,
Myself’s my only care,
But I look into a pool
For all the wonders there.

When I look into a glass
I see a fool:
But I see a wise man
When I look into a pool.

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Once I gave an advice to a man who came back and thanked me next morning saying it was the best advice he has ever had. Two years later I saw him on a social function and said, on acting upon my advice he had solved the problem once and for all. Some thirty years later I am yet to act on that single advice that changed his life profitably.
My advice was,’Don’t say ‘yes’ when you know a ‘no’ will save the bother for all the parties concerned.’

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(This note on Multiverse accompanies the sketch posted earlier in the day.b)

Think of tree of life where every species is part and parcel of it. Species sometimes do not make it. Darwinian Natural Selection gives some chance to perpetuate genetic push through their off-springs much longer than others. Trees shed leaves as species die out. Stars die and give birth to another. Such changes are natural any where in the multiverse.
What interests me is the space where such changes take place. Multiverse like a tree has dug its roots deep into Cosmos has its abstract part. Life and death of stars go on endlessly in the back drop of the eternal aspect of Intelligence. The same space that uphold multiverse is in the micro cosmos that keeps atoms apart. The same space therefore is right through in our being. We are held together by same laws that uphold multiverse.
How well we preserve our intelligence or exercise power? Power that allows new universes to be created or die in order to create yet new universes work with  us. However so little of that that we exercise for good proclaim the same Power and Intelligence that is without.

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