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Chinese scientists say they have “teleported” a photon particle from the ground to a satellite orbiting 1,400km (870 miles) away.

How does it work?

Simply put, teleportation is transmitting the state of a thing rather than sending the thing itself.

Some physicists give the example of a fax machine – it sends information about the marks on a piece of paper rather than the paper itself. The receiving fax machine gets the information and applies it to raw material in the form of paper that is already there.

When we read a novel we are making sense of what words of the author convey than actually see the word transform into the author’s mind. The mind may have chosen certain patterns of words since it adds to the emotional sense he wants to create. Personality of the author has already chosen them for him. The man who reads the novel has his own say in the matter, and accordingly rather than reading words rigorously (with regards to the author’s personal preferences and rationale in shaping the narrative) he makes sense of the literary space he is comfortable with.

Our mind acts somewhat like receiving fax machine makes sense of what we read. While in India my understanding of Bret Harte and Jack London stories held a certain vagueness. For a dude having lived in the kind of milieu and climate how he will make of it naturally would be closer to the real thing.

The Bible is written by inspiration of God. Inspiration of God is not lost but words in the Scripture in transmission can be misunderstood or make weak impression. The reader of the Bible requires the self-same inspiration in order to change his scepticism. His mind-set is often shaped by his cultural background and unbelieving society.

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I have been busy with a book which I am glad to say is finished. I do not intend to publish it my self but with a publisher. I cannot say any more than the book is a concise guide to the scriptures and squarely built up on the Word. I am happy with  three months  of concentrated effort. I shall be more happy if I can polish it further. After a week I hope to take up that part.

The book has 49500 words and for any one who wants to study the Bible on sound doctrinal principles it ought to serve the purpose.


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‘A  novel that opens well has gained its own momentum,’ is my credo. So I try to give my best shot at the opening line. It so happened one morning the line came unbidden, that was in itself remarkable. I knew I was onto something. I read the line as though it were a magical formula. I might have read some ten times varying my tempo while clearly enunciating it syllable for syllable. The line came by itself, did it not? So I was dealing with a genie within. How can you write anything worthwhile without some pact with your inner self?

I read the line once again as though I was looking at my own reflection in the clear water of consciousness.


A- died one morning not leaving instructions what to do with him.’


 I was in a dilemma. My writing had some plus points but to be fair it didn’t wake the dead. Here was my protagonist dead! How to keep my writing going? I wrestled with it for a week and then fielded my readers for a suggestion. In a week I had a- plenty to choose from. They all were settled on one point: ‘Late A- could have some flashbacks’. I would have gone along with it but I remembered all his flashbacks were tied up with my other novels.

Another week passed and yet I was stuck with a dead man, my hero in my hand. My ego as a writer of pulp fiction was beginning to smell. So I called in my wife whose down to earth advice could always be relied on.


My wife suggested with a laugh. ‘A- could not have died without a love life of sorts. Why not give A- a love interest and take the readers to follow her for some 50 pages?


I brightened up and a few hints were meanwhile kicking me on the shin. So I asked,’Name?’


‘Call her Daisy.’


‘ Why would I want to call her that name?


Because you love Lil Abner and you wanted to write Samson and Daisy a take off on the Bible story. Only I talked you out of it. Here name Daisy will fit here.


Daisy was a good hunch and my wife knew all readers loved girls to be luscious and in a pulp fiction Daisy was as good as Delilah in the Scriptures. I put off my wife saying I need time to think over. There was too much of my wife in the story and I didn’t like it. So I said one morning her suggestion would not do. She wanted to know why. ‘The book would move but not me.’


She knew me well so she left me a clear field.


Now I was left with late A- and it was an embarrassment. Vulture of a literary agent was hovering about. I had to make A- settle on something. Cremate him or bury him, whatever. The air was stifling!


Luckily my son the mortician dropped in for the weekend and he sensed something awful was in the air especially around the hearth. He insisted that he be told,’man to man, as he put it. ‘Every time you write the air gets a little twitchy’ as he put it.

I told him of the novel that refuses to get up and go.


My son gave a whoppee and assured me it was so easy to handle. ‘We will embalm A-, ‘ Ignoring my gasp he said chuckling over his ingenuity he said,’I shall give you solid fifty pages blow by blow account to give the book its verity. The way I looked at him must have given him a boost that he said like a professional critic, ‘A book that has specific gravity shall be read Pop’, he was certain My boy had a point there. My fatherly pride was roused. Seeing me mellowed he said how his mother was let down by not having a love interest in the new work.


I didn’t think my writing had raked up some underground hiatus and no one had idea if it were germane to writing or about human relationships. I let him talk and he said in the end, ‘Give A- a love interest. What is pulp fiction without a gunmoll? We can insert a flashback to delineate her character. ‘May be we can bump her off while she is trying to lay hands on the earthly possessions of A-‘ My son was confident of another thirty page filling in the police procedures of victims coming to violent ends. He closed his peroration by saying that ‘no one wants your imagination pop. They have a keyhole interest in what goes on between sheets. this is what best sellers cater to.’


In the end he was seeing infinite possibilitis with disposing A- and it was getting on my nerves. I cut him short. ‘Bad,son, It would leave me no option but give title ‘Book of the dead.’


On Monday morning a sudden flash of inspiration hit me. I decided to write the interior thoughts of A- as he lay there dead. ‘It would ring true!’


I added my second line: ‘Am I dead as nails?’A- asked even as rigor mortis set in.’ I showed it and my wife looked at me rather strangely. When pressed for an opinion she said I was being facetious with death..


I thought with a writer’s block I was merely transferring my interior life on to A-. Luckily my daughter the grammarian was present. So I asked for her opinion. My wife was relieved that burden of killing my work of imagination was taken from her hands.


My daughter read it slowly and said,’dead as nails, hmm’ She looked at me and said as though she was born to correct the slovenly speech around her,’dead as nail – subject singular, so nail.’


‘I never knew the dead cared for grammar; for that matter writing his interor life as a subject fit for pulp fiction.’


I thought I would leave the story untold. All that my interior life could come up on its own was not good enough for me.


‘ A- died one morning not leaving instructions what to do with him. Am I dead as nails?A- asked even as rigor mortis set in.’




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There is no need to panic. Understand you need the job and are the best person to write that resume. So with a right attitude and a little preparation you can write one will make open doors for you.
An interview, and a meaningful negotiation for a job you can keep is you are after, right?
A positive attitude is as good as writing one. Almost. You need the job so why not make your focus on your life experience and the job on hand tie in to a successful outcome?
After all what have you to be afraid of? You are telescoping into your life in a manner of speaking. You only need to choose from your experience that gives you an edge over other candidates. Other candidates may have much more experience but if they have not caught on to those vital elements crucial to the demands of the job they push their resume in vain.

Focus firstly why you are writing one. If you are applying for a position as a receptionist in a dentist’s office you need not include such experience of canning or packing meat. Your pleasant manners and winning smiles are wasted if you haven’t been called in for an interview. So keep out all non-essentials.
Save bother for yourself and others.

Secondly No experience is to be dismissed as of no consequence. You can in so many cases work it in to add flesh and bones as it were to the job you are trying to get. If you have worked as hair stylist perhaps you might have been swamped by confidences, gossip and what not from your clients all day long, that you could take without turning a hair. If you are applying for a job where your position demands certain degree of confidentiality you can mention your experience in as far as much it bring out your ability to keep that point- loud and clear.

Before you actually sit out to write a resume you have to see from the employers point of view. What are the credentials they most care about?

‘Pretend you are in the employer’s shoes and ask yourself, “What’s my biggest need? What’s most important to me about this job?” Talk to your mentor and contacts in the field. Try to find people who are already doing the job you want and ask them, “What is the most important part of your job?” ‘

Finally think of this job one of a kind in your life experience. It is only fair to grab it with all the aspects of your life that has the best possible chance to keep it. Once you are in the job, your new experience will leave its impact so next resume that you write will be different from the resume you need to write. So treat this as the best you can for the job you want.
The interviewers shall take you for how you have put your emphases on your career path. So writing a proper resume makes your life in a proper perspective as far as your career is concerned. If you are vague it will show it through. If you stay focused and precise it will also speak for you accordingly.
So good luck.
(Ack:Karen Burns She blogs at http://www.karenburnsworkinggirl.com.)

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On Being a Writer

‘If you write sense any sensible reader will catch your drift;if you write without sense either you may be taken too profound or a nuisance to the public sanity’.

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A Miracle Off Broadway©

The otherday I called on a friend of mine at his office on the 32nd street, Mañana Ave., off Broadway. Applebaum worked for Paranormal Absurdities Inc., Knowing how keen he was to expose every fraud that went under psychic phenomena I had to be wary notwithstanding our 20 years of friendship. He was a dragracer and one who tinkered with anything that came with wheels. After exchanging pleasantries I paused unable to find an opening line. Noting my fumbling he asked me to shoot. Well it was a clear and succinct invitation. So I took my .45 magnum and shot. The bullet went right through his shirt and hit the rubber plant in the corner of his cabin.
“What was that?’ Applebaum sat up suddenly and wrinkled his nose. “ Sounds like a gunreport.” He said. Seeing me grin widely he sat up on his swivel chair and said,” What is the matter with you?” You look weird!” I explained triumphantly,”I just shot at you. You survived. If you can prove this isn’t a miracle I shall believe you are holding a proper job and not wasting your talents in some fraudulent set up.” My friend guffawed. “You are on. I can smell a fraud miles away!” He took the gun from me and checked to say,” One bullet less here. His eyes narrowed and looked at me suspiciously,” So you did shoot at me?”
“Then it is a miracle?”
“ No. Don’t be in a hurry.” He levelled the gun and aimed at the cabin of his boss where his name Henry Winkleman was neatly written on the frosted glass.
Bam! The gun went off and the glass shattered in zillion splinters. The man came out and checked the damage to his cabin. It was sign for the personnel to converge around their boss. They all were in a shock. Mr. Winkleman came in quick steps followed by the staff. He stood before my friend red in the face and cursing him he wanted an explanation. My friend said,
” This guy here a nut case. I happen to know him from school. He came here with a cock and bull story of a miracle. I had to prove him wrong.” The boss took the gun and checked “A real McCoy, obviously.” Before I could reply he added in irritation,” Must you waste time, Mr. Applebaum with every nut who comes to you with a miracle?”
As my friend floundered I found my voice.” Miracle wasn’t in the gun sir. I have miraculous powers.That is all.” While I said my piece I had deftly extricated a manila envelope with the Army seal. I said, “ As you can see I would have enlisted but because of my powers I was exempted.”
It was true a gun was a toy in my hands.” If you don’t believe I can prove with AK-47. Or Kalashnikov?”
Applebaum looked at me as if I had gone off the rocker. His boss with his rat like face looked at me. “I suspect fraud here sir. Would you mind if we put you to a series,- non-invasive tests? ’ Before leaving the office I had to surrender the gun for close examination. I agreed and went to the lab specified by the company. For three days I was probed, swabbed and pinched by a few nurses and I had all my extremities connected to a number of panels where I could see needles recording everything that was to be known of me. For a good measure I underwent psychological tests and what not. Applebaum was there to keep me company. A fortnight later I received an envelope, which was stamped: PERSONAL. Beneath in red, For your eyes only
I scanned hastily the report. It read.” “The patient under reference is non-existent. There was an annexure that had a heading GUN REPORT
Only one line was neatly typed: The gun with serial number X@-A-23674: real.
Since then Mr.Applebaum refused to take or return my calls.

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