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The second volume of My Reel Life is available through Lulu Press. 120 films from world cinema are covered in My Reel Life. It is priced at 16 Euro. pages 360


For those interested check out http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/bennymkje

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IMG_1439The second edition of the Illustrated Omar Khayyam is available. No change in the contents nor in the quality. Only that I cut out Amazon.USA whom I found the worst specimens (whom I qualify as literary ghouls). They were selling my book for $71.71 and were denying my royalities.

This second edition is priced 35 Euro. (equiv. dollar) at marked down price. Those who are interested may check outcheck out: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/bennymkje

Happy Reading.

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Check out the link :IMG_1433


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The Third Sheikh Tells His Tale

“O Jinn! This she-mule happens to be my wife. It so happened I had to be away for one whole year. When I returned home earlier than expected I found her in bed with a slave.

When she saw me she got up and hurriedly came at me with a jug of water. Reciting some spell she sprinkled me with water. She commanded, ‘You are a dog!’

Instantly I became a dog. She drove me out from my house.
I ran through the doorway and went on running till I came before a butcher’s shop. The butcher took pity on me and threw some pieces of meat. I ate to my fill and hung about him till sundown.
Closing shop he took me home. When his daughter saw me she covered her face with a veil saying,
‘Do you have to bring men home?’
Before the butcher could recover she said,
‘This dog is a man.’
She took some water from a jug and said some magic formula and sprinkled on me,
‘Assume your former shape!’
Thus I returned to my original shape. I kissed her hand and asked her to punish my wife for her crime. She gave me some water and cast a spell on it. Giving the jug she told me to sprinkle on my wife even as she did.
‘Whatever you wish in mind that shape she shall assume.’
I went home and found she was asleep and I sprinkled the water on her.
Instantly she became a she-mule.”

The Jinn puzzled a bit and asked, “Why a she mule?”
By then it was dawn and Shahrazad stopped her tale. King Shahryar wanted to know, ‘Why a she mule?’ But he had to attend to his royal office. ‘By Allah I shall not slay her till I heard the end of it.’
He went about his daily tasks and at night at the appointed time he commanded her to asked to continue the story.
He asked, “Why a she-mule?”
Shahrazad answered, “O King, even as you asked, the Jinn asked the third Sheik and he explained, ‘I am getting on in years and walking on foot tires me. Since nothing good ever happened to me after I married her I thought to myself a she-mule would at least be some gain.’
The Jinn laughed out loud, “Your tale was indeed marvelous! As promised I give the merchant to you.”

Thereupon the merchant embraced the three sheiks for their kindness. The three bid him goodbye and sent him on his way.
The End

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Wolf and the moon

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the wolf cubs meet a goose”

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(Aesop is here discussing with his friend about their past and Xeno the Cynic presses the story- teller closely about the discussion they had the day before.-b)
It was evident Xeno had given much thought to the last discussion he had with Aesop. “But you did not get equal chance. Neither did I.” Xeno explained in so many words about his past. He was the second son who merely replaced the one who died before. He said, “I knew I was not loved for what I am.” Controlling himself he added, “By the time my younger brothers came my parents were cured of their folly and they got their share, alright.” Suddenly Xeno fell silent.
“Yes, my friend,” Aesop explained, “there is so much ignorance and cruelty. Those who ought to have loved and cherished us merely failed in their duty. We came into this world naked and dispossessed already. It is the law of deprivation at work. We had no choice in the matter. Did we?” Xeno shook his head.
“It is random and an accident. Why make it worse by feeling sorry? The law of deprivation entitles us to another law.”
Xeno shot up his eyebrows.
“Yes. Law of Compensation.” Aesop said, “Whatever good comes your way you have earned it. How I came into the household of Iadmon was not how I went out.”
“You are still cash strapped,” Xeno asked, “Aren’t you?” “Yes,” Aesop said, “Making riches was not how I wished to be compensated.” Aesop realized life compensated him only in directions he sought to remedy his wants.
He told him a story to llustrate it. An Argive went in search of gold after hearing of a gold rush in the neighborhood. He came to the right spot all right. But he was too late. So many had before him panned gold from the rocks and so quickly too, and had exhausted the deposit. So he went on in dismay not knowing where. He stumbled upon a field strewn with bodies of men and horses. A bloody carnage the battlefield had witnessed and he was the only living person there. The Persian army lay dead in their rich apparel and armor before him. He picked as much gold plated helmets and body armor, not to mention swords with handles studded with precious jewels. He brought home a fortune! There was gold much more than he would have ever picked from panning. Was he wrong if he treated his find as compensation for his trouble? (Selected-The Life of Aesop-Ch:8. 9 )
note: Law of Deprivation and Law of Negation denote the same.

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