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One evening Xeno called out Aesop who was walking along the jagged rocks, which the sea had over the years sharpened to a keen edge. Aesop stopped on his tracks. Xeno approached him. He had his lyre with him. He apologized about his behavior in the House of Glaucus. “I was drunk, I suppose.” Xeno admitted.
Aesop asked him why he still insisted on carrying the lyre.   “You are a philosopher and not a musician.” Aesop said.
“Yes, I am a philosopher. Well Heracles, the philosopher you know him, don’t you?
Aesop nodded. “ Heracles always carries a wedge of rock. An object.”
“What is his object?”
Xeno explained,” If he can speak of mysteries of nature my lyre, also an object can speak. See Aesop I create discord as you say playing so badly. Think, I aim to show with my bad playing the discord that man in his pursuit of power causes.”
For emphasis Xeno struck the lyre wildly and the discordant notes set the nerves of Aesop on edge.
“No one who hears you will catch the point you are trying to make. They will only close their ears to shut out that jarring sound.” Aesop said.
“How is that Heracles could succeed with a stone, whereas I cannot, though we both are using an object to illustrate our arguments?”
Aesop thought about it for a while.  He said: “One can learn lessons from nature, however lowly a thing it may be; whereas what you deal with is art. No amount of words shall come to help you if your art is bad.”

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