This is one of the illustrations I have found no place in my proposed book The Illustrated Omar Khayyam.

Quatrain #31
Like lute strings plucked your voice trills, and words
You intone give new meaning to the bards;
By your loveliness surround we may yet
Transported anywhere, a-winging like birds.


“….But lost in a clamor of sects my mind
Can no more know than from a crack’d mirror.”(quatrain #92)

Mum Is the Word

benny  at 5

Between three scores and ‘leven
And five, there is a great sea-change,
Difference I cannot tell.
For day after night dogging my steps
Mum is the word.
Between decrepitude
And an infant the lay of the land-
Continents drift beneath the feet />
Difference I cannot tell.
Since the sun followed his rounds
And dream became real
Mum is the word.

In my time much water has flowed
between heaven and the earth
Difference I cannot tell
For something of dreams of another
Life as lived has become mine,
Neither for better nor worse
As I spent it all in whichever.
Day and night one after the other
Dogged my steps
Mum is the word.
If release should come I should be around
For sure as though I were a tweet
Retweeted from one age to another.

benny 71 jaar




I have just finished the new version of the Illustrated Omar Khayyam. It shall carry 50 illustrations,water colour done on 300 gm cold pressed paper. The book shall also carry a foreword by an authority on Omar Khayyam and he is also a scholar and head of the Islamic Studies in one of the most prestigious universities in the US. Right at the moment it is offered to some publishing houses and it will be too early to talk further on this subject. I shall post some illustrations now and then. Bulk of the quatrains are hitherto unpublished.




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