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Season’s Greetings

I wish all my readers best wishes for the coming year. I shall if God willing post again in January 2018.

Take care, come high come low

Waves weave their muscles,-

For they can’t help

And rock your ship where they will

But never give in to despair

Waves obey higher power But your hold

On what you are

Is enough for now, Take care.




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I shall be busy with other things than blogging. As an when I have time and inclination I shall try to post some pieces. Hope to get back by the month of December. Thanks for all the interest shown, I appreciate it
Ciao, friends

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For the rest of this month I shall be busy elsewhere. My excuses to my regular readers if they do not find regular features.

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I shall not be able to blog as I was used to at least for some time. Here is wishing all my readers everything that I can wish for myself and lastly but not the least my thanks go to the movers and shakers of WordPress without whose help I would have been speechless.

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I have begun a new blog exclusively for posting quatrains that deal with mysticism, art and short essays in keeping with the work of Omar Khayyam.
The title of the blog is The Rubaiyat- Benny Thomas

All are welcome.

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The second volume of the RM is on sale. This bumper book of anecdotes is a must for all those who are interested in history, role of man in shaping it. While the first book dealt with personalities who impacted the physical world, focus of the second is on men and their ideas. Both books have plenty of portraits drawn by the author. Check it out http://www.lulu.com/content/10524943 These are available as pocket books or download version

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