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The fat cats came at a price. They did not steal outright; nor will as doctors  kill their patients with malpractice. Social conscience of GOP said the existing affordable health care did not go far enough. So Government of Peddlers stretched healthcare of the vulnerable section but the expensive medical prescription made it worse. In the end the Great Swamp sent Dr. Fat Cat to sell Affordable Health Care to the sick hens where ever they were to be found.  He came to a barn where a sick hen was left to die.

The fat cat said, ” My my, a hen that is healthy makes the nation and Col. Sanders happy!”

The hen would not be drawn in. Then the cat said, “Affordable Health Care.”

Oh the hen shot up at that instant. She was so flustered that the cat could imagine chicken nuggets by buckets. The cat explained the hens were true patriots since they lay eggs, and a sick hen merely skirted the issue of serving the nation. ”

“But I am poor!” the hen cackled in frustration. “No matter,” when I treat your case the nation shall have something to celebrate.” Instantly the hen got up ruffled her feathers and took off.

Amazed the cat said,”I never knew you could fly?”

“When fat cats take to treat the poor it is time I showed some tricks that you never thought as possible.”

The cat could only say, “By St.Vlad*  the hen is only good for deep fryin!”

*St.Vlad is revered across the world. All oligarchs when they steal they need a patron saint. It makes their fat seem patriotic, puttin’ it mildly.



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Two wily foxes saw a cow munching her way through all the way to Capitol Hill. The foxes were mighty impressed. ‘Get a load of that udder?’ one fox ruddy  as they come,-  a red fox naturally, and he confidentially added, ‘bait and switch bait and switch made it at least three pails full’ The other fox  said,”We will follow her and who knows we shall be there when she drops her udder.” The fox called Rudi said, “I know I am an old hand at picking up the pieces.”


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img_3464“As far he is concerned ‘International Women’s Year’ is over.”

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