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A question

Q:What have  Tiger Woods and Toyota in common?

A: Both show up something weird when they hit the road. One  is recalled for fixing and the other is in the doghouse.

Tailspin: by the way the only sport Mrs. Woods claims to play  is the way she swings her golf club. She calls it her sport but I call it anger management.


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*To me the hardest part of being a professional footballer is to go after the pigskin. I am a practising Jew.

*Being a hermaphrodite like Hertz I have to try harder: both long and short distances.

*Usain Bolt became what he was, since he was born he was figuring out his nuts from bolts.

*My tennis elbow is so pronounced that my double backhand is unprintable.

*I can beat Kim Clijsters any day; she can only make points after her delivery

whereas I can make points while changing diapers.

Tennis anyone?


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