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At the moment I am busy with a graphic novel from which I shall post one fable I have done. There are some 272 pages and is there a time limit?I am only concerned for the day in which I aim to do  two sheets. Of course it is not always kept up but to keep at it as far as possible. b


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last day in the month of January I was among friends of 61 years standing. It was a journey down the memory lane, Oh boy was I not glad to see playfellows with whom I lived as a boarder and learned to co-exist!


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Background for this pocket cartoon was Dr. Kissinger’s opinion that ‘the US troops for Vietnam was a mistake’. He was the architect for the nation’s foreign policy during the Nixon Years. In my view his hindsight was akin the tears of a crocodile. The terrible consequences of  the Vietnam War still reverberate and these shall keep adding to the Great Unrest of the Millennium.  benny


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