St.John 2:13-22; St Matt.12:12-13;Mk.11:15-19 and Lk.19:45-48

Cleansing of the temple is included in all four gospels. While comparing the synoptic gospels we shall consider the prophesy that comes as part of the day of the Lord. “and in that day there shall be no more the Canaanite in the house of the Lord of hosts(Ze.14:20-21c) .Holiness unto the Lord is the key word. Prophet Zechariah refers to circumstances of Jerusalem and Judah in that day and in the last verse we are told that in the holy house of the Lord of hosts there shall be no more Canaanites. The Jews engaged in selling pigeons and in other allied business were no better than a Canaanite whom they refused entry. Similarly in our time the pastors who make a business out of ministry to which they should serve with all their heart is similarly a Canaanite. In all these gospel narratives we…

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Evolution is a way forward and the scaffolding which, was set in place millennia before even emerging life forms have had a clue. As such billions of years ago mitochondria striking up partnership with singular cell organism, and this pairing would emerge stronger despite of  adverse circumstances. An example of which we had considered in an earlier post. In the case of gold fishes surviving prolonged icy conditions their ability to avail second set of proteins was not something produced by a magician like a rabbit out of a hat. It is the accumulated gains of living among other life forms facing challenges daily. Thus any sudden ability for a life form is not luck but availing nature’s positivism that explains Natural Selection.

Nature always look to the best interests of maximum array of species and not any particular species. We have a sixth wave of mass extinctions coming up…

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On the eve of July 4 celebrations President Trump spoke to a crowd at the White House that included US soldiers and frontline medical staff. Despite a nationwide spike in coronavirus cases, Mr Trump touted the country’s “progress” against the Covid-19 disease. This must be progress.

Fake  news piled up do not make truth by weight 

Nor can true love change color out of sight;

Heart, sense of it and Head aligned true is God 

Though space and time cancel each other out.   



John’s version of the cleansing of the Temple makes the connection of the temple in terms of the body. What is it’s significance? He is the Word made flesh. In order to emphasize this connection he adds his colloquy with the Jews where he alludes obliquely the body that is temporal. “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up(v.19). This anecdotal reference to the eternal aspect of the Word was lost on them. The temple made by man can be counted in terms of years. What is forty six years to the eternal nature of the Word? He was in the bosom of the Father. No nation could have witnessed the miracles and the mighty works as the Jews but they were as clueless as their forefathers who set out from Egypt. Knowing the law or the word was wasted on any who did not do…

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Short term gains shall prove more deadly when nations deny their moral obligations as in rejecting Treaty of Agreement(1919). Munich Pact is a lesson.

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Nazi Germany in the autumn of 1938 was not strong enough to fight a European war let alone win it on military strength. But Hitler maneuvered France and Great Britain into giving in at a cost neither France nor England would have anticipated. On October 5, on the House of Commons Churchill struck an ominous warning, “We have sustained a total unmitigated defeat.” The House rocked by thunderous applause given to the Prime Minister Chamberlain for having brought the country from the brink of war could well dismiss him. His was a voice in the wilderness excluded from the Conservative government. Little did they know that ‘the agreement was the beginning of a war that would consume the whole world one way or other and strip the island to bare bones when it was over. It proved to be the case and all the colonies, crown jewels of Great Britain…

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St John’s gospel differs from other gospels in that he delineates the divinity of Jesus more in terms of the Word which was with God from the beginning. Symbolism of water as in the case of miracle is as topical as the bread from heaven to which we shall come anon. Miracles are not entirely changing the very essence of a thing as derived as in lab but fixing the quality of life of man in its proper order. Jesus would call it the ‘finger of God.'(But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you-Lk11:20; Matt.12:28) and it is simply bringing the spiritual power available to human circumstance. Man struck dumb by demonic power when released by the Spirit of God he spoke as though he never suffered. The world has its signature smell that makes man view…

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A traveler arriving at Pandemonium was greeted by the locals. The Mayor in his official robes came and would treat the visitor with great pomp and circumstance. “Do you treat thus every visitor?” asked the tourist. “Oh no this day is Patriot Day. It is like no other.”


We built a new nation Sing we paean

Of shining hill to coast on this refrain:

Half is built on hell’s morass, the other

Makes us patriots betwixt and between.


The Spirit in organizing the Salvation Plan of God uses the template of Fellowship of God with Man about which the natural world and what is unseen revolve about.”So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal(2 Co.4:18-NIV). Our physical world is temporal and heaven is its eternal aspect.

Tree of life referring to Garden of Eden as we have seen in the Book of Ezekiel has its eternal counterpart. What is Prophet Ezekiel referring in his judgment on Pharaoh of Egypt? ‘The cedars in the garden of God could not hide him:(Ez.31:8). While comparing the overwhelming hauteur of world kingdoms the Spirit makes use of one world power. He is a stand in for all world powers their pomp and circumstance as temporary shall soon vanish. We have seen how Babylon…

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The royal Gardener to the Sun King worked hard and when he retired at the end he was asked if he would miss what he was leaving behind.

Leave this garden look beyond my labour

To which I am from my master paid for;

I’m twice blest if this garden of sorrows

Let the bees and birds find their happy hour.


Predestination is not a word meant to hang out in a limbo. When one speaks of love, meaning of the word makes sense only as an idea that connects two entities. In grammar we have subject and the object of desire. God foreknows man because it is in harmony with his nature. Without Love what is Fellowship of God with Man? Without God the Son what is man? “What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?(Ps.8:4)”

Holiness of God is a hold all for infinite shades of meaning of which we may explain ‘God is Love’ makes sense to us. It is borne out of our direct experience. Jesus loved Martha and Mary and when he responds to their love what he does is something else. “Jesus wept./ Then said the Jews, Behold how he loved him!(John 11:35-36)” Weeping…

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