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4 Day 4


A luscious apple left to itself over a period of time tends to become mush. Reason for this a law that dictates close-knit atoms tend to loosen up without energy acting on it.

Energy makes the working of universe on a single standard as the apple.

Thermodynamics deals with the study of heat and energy. When water in a kettle is boiled you shall hear it makes sound as water furiously bubbles from source of heat leading to its boiling point. The atoms are passing on heat as they knock each other about. Heat from outside introduced energy.

The laws of thermodynamics describe how energy moves around within a system, whether an atom, a hurricane or a black hole.

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In terms of ideas man cannot be further divided as one might do with compounds of molecules. He holds a core idea, his consciousness the centre about which he conducts his life. His partiality as well as his antipathy is about soul, the centre where material and abstract ideas he may espouse or change shall fit him as snugly as my nose on my face.

Considering he has his consciousness directing his wakeful state as well as his sleep Truth must stand independent of these two phases.


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  1. Day 2


Chemistry is a discipline to explain the working of material world in terms of chemical characteristics. Atoms or molecules have their relevance in our every day lives. For example. Coffee and basil do not complement each other. These have molecules that work opposite to each other. Coffee as a result will taste foul.

We smell before we fall in love. It is how our body has located olfactory receptors (OR for odorant receptors), within in our noses for the detection of odorants (i.e., compounds that have an odor). Love at first sight? Even before a woman has spoken a word man gets chemical messages. What does the message say?’ I feel excited!’ Naturally you fall in love. Such chemical communication is intra-personal and at unconscious level.



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Triad of nature, forces and integrity of each life form repeat even where each constituent is taken apart. Sodium in a table salt for instance has its uniqueness.

Sodium chloride, or table salt, easily dissolves in water. Both are ionic in nature, so the compound will dissociate into ions in water. An ion is an atom or molecule that has a net electrical charge. Since the charge of the electron is equal and opposite to that of the proton,

Atom has its own character. An ion is as distinct as atom. This has great bearing on the visible world as it appears to us. A cation is a positively charged ion, with fewer electrons than protons, while an anion is negatively charged, with more electrons than protons. Because of their opposite electric charges, cations and anions attract each other and readily form ionic compounds. This attraction at it basic level we see in gravity and magnetism. We may also include our preference for others owe to the chemical nature of material world.


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Global warming takes

Race war new level: new black

is orange alt-right.


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One microgram of table salt is not as simple as it appears. It holds such complexity that reveals the profundity of Truth in terms of material make up of our cosmos. Truth as Absolute must be constant given the circumstances are similar.

How sodium and chlorine atoms are held together determine the distinct flavor of salt. Chlorine is a deadly poison gas whereas sodium is a corrosive metal that burns upon contact with water. Truth of nature of sodium itself does not decide the taste of salt but the arrangement where each atom of sodium is held in place by chlorine and it is predetermined. It is not merely truth of material atom that negotiates with the nature of forces that come in play but Truth which governs the integrity of table salt.

Truth of nature is essence of the material form, crystal. Truth of experience is that distinct taste which one may get when used in dishes or in any other.

Truth of nature underlies forces (that hold its distinct flavor) together with truth of experience define Truth as though being evident.

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Truth as an Absolute is a context where man and nature hold a relationship. Truth of either party in their interactions is in direct context to it. Man as rational thinker can connect while nature, actions and experience of all life forms give him a reading. It would not make sense without his taking it direct from Truth, which is the keystone of his moral structure.

In an ecosystem one finds a species around which life forms manage the web of life. Off the coast of South California sea otters are ‘keystone’ animals. By knocking out the keystone what delicate balance is achieved will be disrupted. Sea otters were extensively hunted down in 18th and 19th centuries for their fur. In its near extinction sea urchins multiplied beyond limit. They in turn caused havoc by eating the giant kelps that served as a shelter for seals.

Truth as the keystone on which nations hold their position and knock it out and you see its effect from the worst excesses of man arising of man’s moral confusion jockeying for prominence. Social platforms spew them forth and does it help any one? Nor has it spared nature from degradation?

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Soundings: 3.6

3 Day 6


Man as a rational animal holds truth of experience adds very little any more than an ideology does. How solemnly we honor the war dead and go to great lengths to commemorate them? Do the pomp and pageantry associated with the dead prevent from nations going to war on the basis of an ideology?

Where Truth is unknown truth of any action that propels man to war must be laid as farther from Truth than consequences of its immorality adding it weight to it.

Ideology is merely a mischief, a play of words to deceive man for the next conflict. If Europe fought for Divine Rights of kings, give another age it shall be fought for the proletariat. In our Age of Internet it is not truth but FOMO that people want.

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3 Day 5


Truth is a constant independent of time and space. However truth of experience is limited by specific circumstance. Crusades in the medieval Europe were fought for Jerusalem occupied by Moslems. Wars fought on ideology seem less supported by Truth where context has changed the landscape.

Before the new millennium the Islamic Jihadi elements justified their attack on the west as their answer to the crusades of the medieval period. How valid was it? If Pope Urban II did call today for crusades as he did in 1095, would Europe heed the call? Much water has flowed since and Europe is faced with different priorities and the Church of Rome herself is in no position to muster support from her faithful.


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Soundings: 3.4

3 Day 2


What the birds or the plants might do in pursuing their own agenda must create its own momentum: Plants rely on hummingbirds which unlike insects are warm blooded and are not put off by cold or torrential rain. The birds with their 1200 heartbeats per minute require energy more often and so quickly too. If plants would design their flowers to suit these pollinators it must be said some thing of the nature of Truth. It sets an order that drives each life form to run on predictable lines.

3 Day 3

Symbiosis refers to an order in terms of utility.

Certain species of root fungus (i.e. mycorrhizae) live among plants. Fungus receives carbohydrates and in turn it enhances nutritive intake of the plant.

3 Day 4

Another aspect of order we see in our Milky Way. A nebulous gaseous cloud tends to form a spiral shape with arms. A double spiral in a DNA defines order: material nature expressed by a form as distinct from another.

When cream is poured into a stirred cup of coffee shows up a striking resemblance to galaxies with outer parts of arms trailing around its centre. Is it merely a coincidence? Or does it speak of an order?

This order is based on form. We all have looked to our parents and the idea of our character being formed by examples of our peers is abstract. We give God a form similarly and consider Him as ‘our Father in heaven.’



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