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Lately I have been annotating the Book of Revelation. I shall give here some of the features that are going to visit the earth.
Before leading the children of Israel under the charge of Moses God warned him,”By little and little I will drive them (nations)out from before thee, until thou be increased, and inherit the land (Ex.23:30)”While studying the Book of Revelation we need remember this principle.
Chastisement and purging of the earth do not mean total annihilation. Between trumpets sound there shall be period for nature to recover a little. Gods gifts and calling are irrevocable. One third of the population shall be destroyed.
Ch.8:8 When the first angel sounds a great mountain (asteroid) falls into the sea. Result of it we find in Ch.9:2 Smoke has no place to go. Thermal currents have been stopped by impact. Reason? This impact straightens tilt of the earth.
Locusts mentioned in Ch.9:4 are not allowed to hurt the green thing. They are forbidden to hurt the grass either. So what are they there for? Spiritual significance of locusts is that mental landscape of man would be blighted. We see it already happening. Could anyone have imagined this new normal in the US politics some 20 years ago? Events happening around us is such that these shall be the acceptable norm. Men shall be more beast-like than humans.
Jude.6 speaks of angels that did not keep their first estate were bund over for later judgment. Four of these angels bound in the Euphrates are loosed (Re.9:14).It is not exactly geographical location.
The Spirit uses the name Euphrates as a tag- the coordinates in GPS. Op center for angels is the bottomless pit. Similarly Magog and Gog are used in the same sense as Jerusalem (‘where also our Lord was crucified.’Sodom and Egypt’)(Re.11:7).

Re.9:15 speaks of the four angels being released for an hour, for a day, for a year. They are to slay one third of the population not all at one fell swoop but intermittently.

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There is a doomsday scenario which has been predicted beforehand. Do not mistake me, I am not going predict the day as some had done to catch the headline. Only God knows that day and what I am telling my visitors is from the Word of God.
Number Four holds spiritual significance. The scripture is God-breathed meaning there are eoughh clues left for a keen student of the Bible to understand from the trends, events how it shall all end up. It is described in the Bible in sufficient length. For a starter in the sixth chapter of the Revelation.
Before coming to it let me say some magic numbers and these shall come up very often from the beginning of the first book to the last.
In the creation week we have four days in which the creation of heaven is completed (Gen.1:1-19).A day is certain period of time and by completion of heaven it does not mean these are air-tight compartment as it were. No, events set in motion by God are unstoppable and run past the day. Next three days God requires to accomplish creation of man and nature. Seventh day is marked holy since it is a number to tag completion of heaven and the earth. So keep in mind this: 4+3 In which 4 signifies heaven and the sum seven is a magic number for perfection. When we read of seven angels it is a tag for heaven. Meaning God is the instigator.

If we look at this verse from the Ch.8 we read: “And the seven angels, which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound (v.6)”.

During the breaking of the seals in the earlier chapters we noticed the first four seals were separated from the other three. The four beasts made this distinction vivid. Meaning while the Four Horsemen took the stage they served as the MC of sorts. In the other three they are noticeably silent. In the blowing of the seven trumpets also we shall see this division of four and of three. The four denote memorial nature of heaven. That is what the four beasts signify: they are memorial in heaven.

Next verse:
“The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up(v.7)”.
Purging the earth begins by “Hail and fire, mingled with blood”. What do these mean but transgressions of man against God shall be returned to him sevenfold? Historically such a condition was inevitable. While we study the trial of Jesus condemnation of the just by sinful man we notice it. Consider that the nation of Israel had rejected Jesus and before the judgment seat of Pilate the elders of Israel said, “His blood be on us and our children (Matt.27:24-25).” Such injustice and violence cause bloodshed, and defile the earth. This is what we have also seen in the Cain Abel story. God said, “Voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground (Ge.5:10)”. Every violence be it from individual or in war is an insult to God since He gave the earth a form and his glory is in the manner it has allowed man to prosper. So righteous of God requires a proper attitude to Him. How can any one repay God but by loving His creation and his brethren? It is only true service. With regards to the blood of Abel the earth testified Cain’s sin before God while Cain was sure he would not be found out.

“And the second angel sounded ….: and the third part of the sea became blood; (vv.8-11)”

Heaven now shows a face that people on the earth had never seen before. Falling asteroid some 65 million years ago caused a mass extinction. Now such cosmic events repeat frequently causing dismay to man. Falling great mountains burning with fire, or meteors shall be a foretaste of Wormwood, a star (probably a space colony in future collapsing and contaminating the sea) creating as a result catastrophe on the earth.
What we see here is a cluster principle and our visible universe is tied to the hidden universe. Somewhat in a similar vein Modern Science is eager to explain the origin of dark matter to some other universe. While Science is looking at it from the wrong end of the telescope and (it seems late Steven Hawking had a book written to prove that there is no God), God is ready to pull the rug off from under the disbelieving world.
So what is Cluster principle? Between the cause and the effect of man is a no man’s land which is the testimony of the earth as it cried to God over Abel’s blood. So by a peace treaty nations cannot pat themselves on their back as having made peace. By this principle you contaminate the sea and sure as night follows the day the land also shall be affected. Man’s rejection of moral laws not only makes war inevitable and also creates weirder climate. We have seen polar caps melting and acid rain and poisoned chemicals leeching into stream and the sea. It is what we see in the vv.10-11.”And many men died of the waters, (rivers and the sea included).
When the fourth angel sounds we may be sure the doomsday would have overtaken the earth.
“And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise”.

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Scientists in the field of bioinformatics have designed headsets with advanced sensors to read electrical brain activity that can recognize facial expressions, and the thoughts of a person. Sitting away from home you may send instructions to the plumber and glazier to attend to the chores around the house. Those who ride the gravy train in company time may not get to write a best seller for the boss would have changed the password to prevent other activities coming in between.
Digital divide closes
In five years, IBM said, the gap between information haves and have-nots will narrow considerably due to advances in mobile technology; by then 80 percent of the current global population will have a mobile device.
This will empower people without a lot of spending power, they believe.
Only such power without money will be like froth on which you cannot get drunk. Champagne bottles will be still opened among the one percenters and froth for the man on the street.

In India, IBM used speech technology and mobile devices to enable rural villagers who were illiterate to pass along information through recorded messages on their phones. With access to information that was not there before, villagers could check weather reports to help them decide when to fertilize crops, to know when doctors were coming to town, and to find the best prices for their crops or merchandise.Astrolegers will be pestered to know sex of the next baby. If it is a girl baby ‘is there a way to avert the calamity?’
Junk becomes gems
In five years, unsolicited advertisements may feel so personalized and relevant that you’ll think spam is dead. At the same time, spam filters will be so precise that you’ll never be bothered by unwanted sales pitches again.
Just what I wanted to hear. Our wishes have become redundant and Technology lets you take Pepsi even if you happen to have a craving for Coke at a precise moment.( ack: liveScience-Ned Smith 9-12-2011)

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‘Life is so simple even a child can handle it,’said my father to my mother when they sent me to school first time. It was reassuring to my mother and I wasn’t sure of my slate and pencil, which I broke in fright. ‘School’- was enough to make my hand turn butter! Believe me I got so used to the idea of slate so well that we soon were inseparables. But one day it all changed and when my teacher pressed a transcription book into my hands and said, ’paper is the stuff of future.’ I soon got on to it like duck to water just as I had with my steel pen and inkwell. Only my mom had lots of laundry and inkstains that needed extra care.
In the end what did it matter I had a neat andwriting to be proud of? When computer came I had to let my fingers do the walking. Moon walking it would seem. lurching finger cannot get that copperplate gait. No way! Now my handwriting is a cut above chickenscrawl. Progress is a way forward and it steps over slates and paper takes you to paperless halls where you type yourself in for a job. This you may repeat so often that there is a curious disconnect between fingers and grey matter.
I find IBM research lab has come up with 5 life-changing innovations.
Power from the people
Anything that moves or produces heat has the potential to create energy that can be captured. On a personal level, while you’re riding your bicycle to work, devices on the spokes of your wheels could be recharging batteries you could later use to power some of the lights in your home. Wait till the government gets into the act. Walking, jogging, bicycling no one will be spared unless one can prove one’s net worth is the prescribed limit. Super rich will be only asked to throw their weight around.
Governments shall not pay dole unless John Doe earned so many points. This credit of personal power shall be linked to his social security number.
You are your password
Each person has a unique biological identity. Your biometric data—facial definitions, retina scans and voice files—will be composited through software to build an individual’s unique online password, IBM researchers said. Now it is no more Big Brother is watching you but Big Brother Gotcha!
‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, will you step over here, please?’
My multi-factor biometrics is no guarantee the money that I draw will not fail on me.
I will draw so many drachma or dollar and find it cannot buy me a decent meal. At least I shall know I am me and none other.

Mind reading gets real
Now comes a real whopper!Mind reading may make the leap from science fiction to real life sooner than expected, the researchers in Armonk, N.Y., said. Priest Abuse is restrained as a result. Altar boys will know while the host is raised what is raising the priest. And they can act accordingly. Only Monsignor’s woolly brain will be counting sheep while whetting the predatory nature of the new priest.
If you link your brain to devices such as a computer or smartphone and be able to levitate inanimate objects by just thinking about it how smooth life would be? You need not catch the eye of your waiter in a restaurant but he will come to you. Only he cannot guarantee he will not trip over and spill water over your head.
If you think like about calling someone, for example, the smartphone would then dial that number. On the reverse you cannot escape calls dogging your private thoughts. (2 be concluded)

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We are living at present where the old order has proved unsustainable. The recent disaster in Japan raises questions about depending on nuclear reactors to supply energy for our energy needs. Despite of fail-safe mechanisms only when disaster strikes we realize to our horror we have no answer for something unexpected that was let to happen.(see note) Fail-safe in technology is only safe in name but in effect a misnomer. Spent fuel rods ought not have been stored so close-by to the reacting chamber. Without power to pump the water it was not a fail-safe system. So how safe is nuclear energy whether in Japan or elsewhere? Here is the AP News
FUKUSHIMA, Japan (AP) — Nuclear plant operators trying to avoid complete reactor meltdowns said Thursday that they were close to completing a new power line that might end Japan’s crisis, but several ominous signs have also emerged: a surge in radiation levels, unexplained white smoke and spent fuel rods that U.S. officials said could be on the verge of spewing radioactive material.
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Gregory Jaczko said in Washington on Wednesday that all the water was gone from the spent fuel pools at Unit 4 of the Fukushima Dai-ichi complex, but Japanese officials denied it. Hajime Motojuku, spokesman for plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co., said the “condition is stable” at Unit 4.
If Jaczko is correct, it would mean there’s nothing to stop the fuel rods from getting hotter and ultimately melting down. The outer shells of the rods could also ignite with enough force to propel the radioactive fuel inside over a wide area.
Jaczko did not say how the information was obtained, but the NRC and U.S. Department of Energy both have experts at the complex of six reactors along Japan’s northeastern coast, which was ravaged by last week’s magnitude-9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

The near disaster at Three Mile near Pennsylvania some years ago ought to have rung alarm bells that we are not fully in control over technology. We may treat scientific principles with greatest respect but how we develop technology from these is not open and shut or in a direct relationship of cause and effect. In history or cosmology no such simple link ‘from A to B as it were’, does exist. The West was quick to end the WWII war by nuclear bombs in Japan and then helped to build the war ravaged country according to the values the West. Patching up a wanton destruction be it in Dresden or Hiroshima is not as simple act of passing to the natives some Hershey bars or passing cigarette packs. Japan is also guilty of overlooking the future. Is it worthwhile to build skyscrapers in that part of the world in the process of Americanization of Japan? Nestled in the ring of fire Japan there is an unceasing seismic activity beneath. No wonder traditional houses were built to accommodate its erratic heartbeats and in most cases damages from earthquakes in Japan in comparison with elsewhere have been low. What were the compelling reasons for Japan to go nuclear but to keep up with progress in the west? Even here how a fault occurs or fail-safe turn unsafe in terms of technology shall not be identical. Pardon if I fall back on cluster principle that I had posted some time ago in this weblog. Earthquake brought in tsunami and tsunami brought in a whole array of damages in waterline, power etc., The present is imperfect since the strengths-our native wisdom for example had been sacrificed to keep up with ‘the Joneses.’ Unrealistic optimism in our destiny from our gains in science and technology has led us to this mess.
Present is imperfect since the old order for long kept women out of the male dominated public life and the governments, kings, presidents and Caesars ran the destinies of their nations as though they knew best. People were mere numbers. Now governments all across the world will have to sit up and listen to the people. They have to revise their ideas of coping with the depleted resources of the earth in ways that may cut at the very root of the concept of nations. Do the nations whittle away into small communities and learn self-reliance in terms of food,architecture that is organic and in tune with the environment? Gandhiji’s vision of Panchayat Raj was totally ignored by powers that be and now we see India despite a constitution stipulating it as a Republic is fragmented by parochial forces, and the spirit of the constitution is broken from what the political trends would indicate.
If our heavy demand on energy resources is unsustainable what is the alternative? All across the globe people shall demand answers. Is there any solution? Is it in small units or in mega-blocs future is secure? These small units shall be based on the region rather than tribes or nations as of the past.. Such clusters shall be sole decision makers of their own destiny. It shall be a paternalistic family but with a difference, each member will be called to play a role and it may not be strange if caste system comes back in terms of their utility. Here a rigid hierarchy is vital and every one will have a say. It is cohesive and utility based while the other option will cultivate a faceless Corporate image to the mega-bloc, where the Big Brother shall be elected and serve as its mouthpiece. This will be behemoth of a bloc that can think of its future as one, pooling science technology as though there is no control of it at piece meal. The Americas, the Europe, Asia and Far East/Pacific Rim as so many blocs running the world as a Big Corporation. There can be only two options so the future can be faced without national identities, religion, culture. Art and literature of the past shall give over to some techie barbarism.
In whichever case the world is turning its back to the way we lived and held as ideals.
Tailpiece: Look at the way the Middle East is roiling and creating upheaval beginning with Tunisia, Egypt and so on. Pressure indeed shall come to bear on Saudi Arabia sooner than one may think. Tribes, and dynasties that held power uncontested and could not come up with fresh ideas shall end up in the garbage pail. The communities in that part of the world want to breathe air of freedom and take destiny of their own lives. If old fogeys have failed them, out with them. Nations based on religion shall not be relevant any more. Naturally the fundamentalist-terrorist will not have a leg to stand on since people do not wish to cool their heels for causes that can only explode a few bombs and nothing else. These revolts that we see in Middle East have been the work of Facebook/twitter savvy youths and not some fundamentalist groups. Iran and Israel shall certainly prove insignificant in the decades to come.
Present is imperfect but future is for those who can completely rethink of the past.
Note:Tokyo Electric Power Co., the people running Japan’s now-hobbled nuclear power plant dismissed important scientific evidence and all but disregarded 3,000 years of geological history, an Associated Press investigation shows.
Their misplaced confidence was prompted by a series of overly optimistic assumptions that concluded the Earth couldn’t possibly release the level of fury it did two weeks ago, pushing the six-reactor Fukushima Dai-ichi complex to the brink of multiple meltdowns.This was added on 27th March

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