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When Douglas Adams wrote The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, he added a central joke which has become more famous over the years than the novel itself: “The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42.”

The Holy Spirit while organizing the narrative of the Word made flesh, tagged the earthly ministry of Jesus by three and a half years, that is 42 months while writing about earth events. Number 7 for instance refers to events associated with heaven.

When St Matthew compiled the Gospel according to him three sets of generations from Abraham to him are given in multiples of 14:  “So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations Matt.1:17)”.

It cannot be coincidence that the same number one way or other is employed, examples of which are given below.

Two witnesses sent to prophesy shall be killed.”…And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth(Re.11:3)”. This is three and a half years in days.

In the vision of the woman clothed with the sun she brought forth a man child. She escapes to the wilderness where “she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent (Re.12:14)”.

From such evidences was late Adams being facetious or the number had found its spokesman? In whichever case the significance of the number would not simply go away. I shall cite some instances which in themselves do not mean a thing.

Here is a list I quote directly from the Independent, UK  Sunday edition dated Fe.6,2011/Paul Bignell

1. Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert died aged 42; they had 42 grandchildren and their great-grandson, Edward VIII, abdicated at the age of 42.

2. The world’s first book printed with movable type is the Gutenberg Bible which has 42 lines per page.

3. On page 42 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry discovers he’s a wizard.

4. The first time Douglas Adams essayed the number 42 was in a sketch called “The Hole in the Wall Club”. In it, comedian Griff Rhys Jones mentions the 42nd meeting of the Crawley and District Paranoid Society.

5. Lord Lucan’s last known location was outside 42 Norman Road, Newhaven, East Sussex.

6. The Doctor Who episode entitled “42” lasts for 42 minutes.

7. Titanic was travelling at a speed equivalent to 42km/hour when it collided with an iceberg.

8. The marine battalion 42 Commando insists that it be known as “Four two, Sir!”

9. In east Asia, including parts of China, tall buildings often avoid having a 42nd floor because of tetraphobia – fear of the number four because the words “four” and “death” sound the same (si or sei). Likewise, four 14, 24, etc.

10. Elvis Presley died at the age of 42.

11. BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs was created in 1942. There are 42 guests per year.

12. Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear’s spaceship is named 42.

13. Fox Mulder’s apartment in the US TV series The X Files was number 42.

14. The youngest president of the United States,Theodore Roosevelt, was 42 when he was elected.

15. The office of Google’s chief executive Eric Schmidt is called Building 42 of the firm’s San Francisco complex.

16. The Bell-X1 rocket plane Glamorous Glennis piloted by Chuck Yeager, first broke the sound barrier at 42,000 feet.

17. The atomic bomb that devastated Nagasaki, Japan, contained the destructive power of 42 million sticks of dynamite.

18. A single Big Mac contains 42 per cent of the recommended daily intake of salt.

19. Cricket has 42 laws.

20. On page 42 of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Jonathan Harker discovers he is a prisoner of the vampire. And on the same page of Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein reveals he is able to create life.

21. In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Friar Laurence gives Juliet a potion that allows for her to be in a death-like coma for “two and forty hours”.

22. The three best-selling music albums – Michael Jackson’s Thriller, AC/DC’s Back in Black and Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon – last 42 minutes.

23. The result of the most famous game in English football – the world cup final of 1966 – was 4-2.

24. The type 42 vacuum tube was one of the most popular audio output amplifiers of the 1930s.

25. A marathon course is 42km and 195m.

26. Samuel Johnson compiled the Dictionary of the English Language, regarded as one of the greatest works of scholarship. In a nine-year period he defined a total of 42,777 words.

27. 42,000 balls were used at Wimbledon last year.

28. The wonder horse Nijinsky was 42 months old in 1970 when he became the last horse to win the English Triple Crown: the Derby; the 2000 Guineas and the St Leger.

29. The element molybdenum has the atomic number 42 and is also the 42nd most common element in the universe.

30. Dodi Fayed was 42 when he was killed alongside Princess Diana.

31. Cell 42 on Alcatraz Island was once home to Robert Stroud who was transferred to The Rock in 1942. After murdering a guard he spent 42 years in solitary confinement in different prisons.

32. In the Book of Revelation, it is prophesised that the beast will hold dominion over the earth for 42 months.

33. The Moorgate Tube disaster of 1975 killed 42 passengers.

34. When the growing numbers of Large Hadron Collider scientists acquired more office space recently, they named their new complex Building 42.

35. Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has 42 illustrations.

36. 42 is the favourite number of Dr House, the American television doctor played by Hugh Laurie.

37. There are 42 US gallons in a barrel of oil.

38. In an episode of The Simpsons, police chief Wiggum wakes up to a question aimed at him and replies “42”.

39. Best Western is the world’s largest hotel chain with more than 4,200 hotels in 80 countries.

40. There are 42 principles of Ma’at, the ancient Egyptian goddess – and concept – of physical and moral law, order and truth.

41. Mungo Jerry’s 1970 hit “In the Summertime”, written by Ray Dorset, has a tempo of 42 beats per minute.

42. The band Level 42 chose their name in recognition of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and not – as is often repeated – after the world’s tallest car park.



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Spirit of the times is a no man’s land where the rules of engagement are different from what man has to face as an individual. As a moral being it is Truth that determines truth of action.

29 Day 5

‘The Business of America is Business,’ was a slogan of the roaring Twenties. How true was ‘Wealth is Power’ when the entire nation went on playing at stocks and in a matter of four years the stock market crash of 1929 wiped thousands and thousands of their life savings; it sowed unrest at home and was felt all across the world so much so it is cited as one of the contributing factors for WWII. Despite this catastrophe so many marched under a new mantra ‘Greed is good’ of the 80’s and it led to 2008 economic meltdown. Does it not show that bad experience can never mend a society or prevent a nation from repeating their mistakes when actions are wrong. Spirit of times without Truth often is Nemesis, who is shown slow-footed. But she always gets her man.

The Don Pacifico incident of 1850 showed Britain’s supremacy over the seas and their gunboat diplomacy was their right to avenge a perceived insult with impunity. Lord Palmerston dispatched a squadron of the Royal Navy to blockade the Greek port of Piraeus to teach the Greeks a lesson for the harming of a British subject, David Pacifico. In 2018 two Russian agents struck at their targets at Salisbury and contaminate some parts with novichok and all that UK could do was protest. Spirit of times showed ‘gunboat diplomacy’ as an idea but useless as so many others.

29 Day 6

Between Cause and Effect falls a shadow, spirit of the times where a no man’s land exists. Within a war we shall find many inexcusable actions going on making a mockery of the moral stand of the parties. War on terror supposedly was waged to introduce democracy in the Middle East. Chief petty Edward Gallagher was accused of shooting civilians, murdering a captive Islamic State fighter with a hunting knife in Iraq, and threatening to kill SEALs who reported him, among other misconduct. Similarly many events are played out between warring parties.

In the War on Terror between the US (2003) and others Daniel Pearl was only a journalist who had nothing to do with war. Nevertheless he was kidnapped and killed in 2002. Where is justice for the innocent victim?

When a moral being casts aside as with war the rights of widows, orphans the idea, ‘Might is Right’ only speaks of spirit of the times. So Truth shall certainly claim its sovereign right to settle account. Time is no bother.

It is thus spirit of the times has moved and nations without exception are affected by it.

29 Day 7

Human institutions are run to achieve their objectives. Truth, which they avow in prospectus is gilded and show off them in best light. Only it remains what each individual brings into it.






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Human cells make up only 43% of the body’s total cell count. The rest are microscopic colonists. It is a microbiome I may disown but to no avail. My affluenza owes to it. Caravans may come from Honduras and their destination is northwards. President Trump is crying foul. He wants the army and the big guns to put an end to their onward march. If these poor huddled masses could raise the temperatures of well heeled Eastern folks even before they had come, what stuff is man made of? Fear is a strong emotion and the very idea  makes the Big Chief and his isolationist cronies cringe;  even their salads wilt on their plates. Tiny yes yet they do have power, you will have to agree.

Man can be broken up and the elements in his body be set into so many heaps. Man reduced to dollars and cents. Actual cost in dollars is what one carries in his shoes lest he should be mugged in some part of Kinky Town, he needs some pin money, you will have to agree.

Man  as an idea is a parasite within world of ideas and mostly what he seeks is the comfort of well worn cliches and ideas with which he can lord over the dunghill. Darwin’s ideas passed through Herbert Spencer, whose milk and water veins dilated and he said it was ‘survival of the fittest.’ It got the heads of nations thinking. So man must be tinkered with and his eugenics found votaries who burnt incense before their bleached unwashed bodies to sing a paean for their Aryan supremacy. In terms of ideas man is bit of mush, spud and cackle and bubble when they want to go on a rampage in Charlottesville, Virginia. Such mongrel race has nothing worth boasting over their color you will have to agree.

Think of man as fragmented as a crazy quilt stitched by hands suffering from delirium tremens. All that greed shows out of place for the fellows who are stealing, bluffing and cheating all for feeding microbiome that has no appreciation for it in the first place. His labour to cut a figure among such whitewashed walking sepulchers is ridiculous to the extreme, you will have to agree.


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It is said religion is the opium for the masses. In Lotos-eaters Tennyson writes the effect of the lotos:

” Eating the Lotos day by day,

To watch the crisping ripples on the beach,

And tender curving lines of creamy spray;

To lend our hearts and spirits wholly

To the influence of mild-minded melancholy;

To muse and brood and live again in memory,…”


Poetic fancy of the poet however does not connect with reality as we know today. This is not how religion is practised.

The Scripture teaches us God is Love; good moslems similarly declare their Allah is compassionate. In that case what is the problem? Somewhere along the line prophets and their sayings are interpreted to mean entirely false. Whether God of the Jews or Allah of moslems religion has become synonymous with hate. In short religion has become the Achilles heel of mankind.

Through human understanding what can we know of love of God; or what is mercy? At least reason ought to teach us to try our best as human beings to demonstrate what love and compassion would mean. Would it not? In what way we can show holiness by some rituals? In India those who practice Jainism cover their mouth lest they swallow some little flies by mistake while yawning. However little do they see the millions of bacteria that float in the water they drink. It is impossible to match holiness of divine Being or be perfect in observing injunctions of prophets with regards to our cleanliness and diet. For the simple reason in a world of acid rain and tainted earth with various chemicals all our idea of cleanliness come with margin of error.

In Jonathan Swift’s immortal tale the central character Gulliver is brought to the land of Brobdingnag. It is written that he was repelled by the women of that land. They were monstrous in size compared to him. Their faces when magnified so much skin pores seemed to his scrutiny as moon craters! Matter of size brought about this change naturally. If we were to see as an eagle our eyes would require the size of an orange. To sum view of our world is limited by our human-ness. As a result our sense of beauty is affected; so must our understanding. How noble or mean is your God?

When Prophet Moses gave the Children of Israel the law, was it his understanding or that of God at fault?

Under the Law it was an eye for eye, a tooth for tooth. Shall we say under the Old Covenant the law represented a certain values but it was codified according to human understanding? It is of this St Paul writes to the Hebrews thus: ‘For the law made nothing perfect…(He.7:19) Instead It erected a screen between God and them. For instance during the Feast the Jews mistook the voice from heaven as thunder. (Jn.12:29) The Jewish nation lived by the law for a millennia or so and yet when God spoke, ‘I have both glorified it (name) and will glorify it again (vs.28)’ they understood it altogether in another sense.

Moses gave the law but with Jesus came the New Covenant. For Christians this New order supercedes the Old. Jesus brought grace and truth(Jn.1:17). When Jesus came to save the world he had a clear mandate. It went thus: turn the other cheek if one smites on your right cheek. He showed it in practice as well. Luke 9:51-56

Before he was to be crucified he wanted to visit Samaria. He sent an advance party to make arrangements and the people of Samaria refused them. When they told Jesus of their refusal John and James were furious and would have brought fire from heaven as Elias did. Jesus rebuked them saying, ‘they did not know what manner spirit they were of’. He did not come to destroy men’s lives but to save them. Jesus quietly led them to another village.

When I hear fellows casually use ‘Jihad’ to justify their criminal actions and mask foolish notion of global domination I can only say, their understanding is far off the mark. If they are misled, how much more foolish are their imams who preach hatred and violence as though it were a religious duty?


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The Scriptures tell us Moses led the children of Israel through the wilderness. Wisdom of the Most High dwells in humility. Moses was the humblest of all men. God chose him to be his spokesman. But he tried to shirk the responsibility saying he was slow of speech. God patiently tried to buck him up by signs and yet he would rather not. Consequently God let Aaron serve as proxy. “ And thou shall speak to him, and put words in his mouth. (Ex.4:15) ” Later when Moses was long in coming from the mount we read that Aaron complied with the demands of the people to make gods that should lead them. It was a golden calf (Ex.32:4). When Aaron built an altar before the calf, his complicity in making glory of the Lord God in the likeness of a calf was complete.

Any religion that overlooks the precise arrangement of people and forces acting on them is in danger of being quite contrary. Take for instance Islam. The Prophet wanted each Moslem family to be a miniature state in which the father was to be the priest, instructor and law. The Prophet had clearly seen the abuses that had crept into the two other major religions of his time. The rule of the monks and rabbis was to be avoided in the Third Way he proposed. No clergy was intended by him.
If we want to know why Islam has become a thorny problem in the world look at the way the Mullahs have usurped the role of father of family. No sooner the glorious prophet was dead succession for the mantle of the prophet divided the religion. It was never the same. Ultimately flaw in religion surfaces. God’s the first two commandments enjoin the believers to honor God the Father as well as their earthly parents. You disregard the strict hierarchy and you are in peril. Europe may boast about the Enlightenment and Rational Spirit but it is all exercise in confusion. Children of Islam take pride in their religion of Peace but in allowing Imams and Mullahs to cut and paste the intent and words of the Prophet stealthily has made the religion now a byword for religion of hate. Where do you think this will end?


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