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“The Fount of Immorality/ 
In Love is found;
Then come, and in this boundless sea

/Of Love be drowned.”-Rumi
River of life is drawn from the sea of Love: and carried by clouds of events people, dead and the living these must dissolve under the benign eye of One. Love shall always find their passage either through subterranean passages or on the river bed prepared by time working unceasing.
These annotations are not part of the book now available with lulu.com

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why are you so busy 
with this or that or good or bad
/pay attention to how things blend” Rumi

Let us look at the way our human interaction has led to:

It is like the kindness of first man who traded milk for rat poison. The man who did not make profit was dubbed as a fool. Milk and rat poison since have been blended million times over. So many times that the present world cannot die of rat poison but has developed immunity. 

*Let us not speak of general state of things but how each must serve. He has to serve his best. No other choice because he has to deal with his soul.

*I hold a special relationship with my soul to settle for the indifferent quality what the world offers. Blending is done in no man’s land.


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Rumi’nations contain annotations to various quotes of Rumi in a slim volume but gilded with secret wisdom of the East from which all great religions of the world had drunk deeply and in turn changed the way we look at truth of human condition. 154 pages; available through lulu.com


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