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A Gift Horse

Horses Are Meant For Riding ©

Pepin The Hot of the kingdom of Blissfully Ignorant sent a beautiful horse to Nitwit, King of Gotham. The King knew Pepin would not have sent him one unless he had something in his mind. “I don’t like Pepin the Hot. Why he should send me then a horse?” He stood there wondering and he bent down to check the mouth. At that moment the horse let out a heap of turd that King Nitwit knew was meant as an insult.
Pipin was provoking him into a fight, so concluded his courtiers.
King Nitwit would have sent the animal back but Monk Cuthbert asked him to ride it.
“ You are a natural rider, sire. So let your enemy know how well you can appreciate a friendly gesture.”
King Nitwit thought it a good idea. You see he loved horses and overcoming his animosity he took the reins. The animal let him run over the fields and lanes and over the hills. The horse loved speed and he gave the rider a thrill he never knew was possible. King Nitwit felt the wind and the blurring landscapes as the beast carried him wherever he pleased.
In the end he returned to the palace in a state of excitement and said, “ King Pipin wants my hand of friendship. Surely he can have it.”

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