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During the first week in office the military aides of the President brought a folder of transcripts to him. They asked President Truman if he were interested. It was an extensive practice during the Roosevelt years. Truman glanced at the two pages of the doings of the wife of one member of the White House staff. Truman told the officials, “I haven’t time for any such foolishness as that. Tell them I don’t authorize any such thing.”


After eighteen years in Washington, more than seven of them in the White House, he left for Independence, MO in Jan.23. A neighbor back home observed it was as if the Trumans had never been away; they were natural and as unspoilt by high office as if Truman had risen no further than alderman of Independence.

The day after he got back home he took his usual morning walk and one television reporter asked him what was the first thing he did when he walked in the house of 219 North Delaware the night before. “I carried the grips up the attic,” was the simple answer.


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