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The three sheiks did not have to wait long for the Jinn had come like a bolt of hell and strode towards the merchant. ‘Step forward!’
The first shiek managed to get up and put himself before the merchant and asked, ‘I shall tell you a story such as you never heard before.’
The Jinn scratched his head and said,’Does my head look like a pretzel that I want to hear stories made up and to no profit?’
Pointing to the the gazelle the sheik said,’She is my wife! I am going to tell the truth and only what happened to me.’
‘Oho!’ the Jinn said somewhat pleased,’You may want to be paid?’
‘No just give one third of this man’s life. It is all I ask.’
The Jinn agreed.He looked about and asked the other two sheiks,’You are also part of this deal?’
They nodded. The first sheik began his tale.
(to be continued)

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