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The merchant sat as if he had been held fast to the spot. The sheik came closer and asked why he was inviting trouble. The merchant narrated all that happened to him. ‘Curious,’the Sheik exclaimed and sat there. He added,’I shall not leave here without seeing how this amazing thing unravels.’ Soon there was an old sheik who appeared and he had a pair of gray hounds on leash. The second sheik seeing the sheik with a gazelle stopped.’This is incredible!’

The first sheik narrated all that befell the hapless merchant. The second sheik was impressed. Strangely enough there appeared a third sheik and he came leading bright bay coated she mule.

The third sheik exclaimed,'I am certain there is something fantastic afoot here.'The other two sheiks looked at each other and smiled. 'Yes there is,'they said in once voice and narrated the woeful tale of the merchant.
Even as they finished the tale the earth shook and the sky darkened. The sheiks lost their cheer and cowered. The merchant merely sighed awaiting death any moment.
(To be continued)

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