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There are those who swear by Truth and yet like some witnesses who lay their hands on the Bible only to perjure. They cannot help it. They are habitual offenders. Is religion guilty of such a crime?
Was Moses deceived when he saw the burning bush or obeyed the voice that said, ‘… put off thy shoes … for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.
Truth which is enshrined in the soul of man must be matched by his material nature. While Religion merely speaks in terms of absolutes it fails when one looks at the manner it is put into practice.  Moses’ confrontation with God is a turning point in his life. He became the spokesman for Him. The prophet who speaks for the Highest may have had some genuine religious experience. The founder of Islam also had similar experience. Whether it is a projection of his soul in symbols or in a pure material plane cannot be settled. So let us leave Moses and Prophet Muhammad to their ‘moments of glory’.

In the life of Moses the burning bush was one such. Is it possible for Soul to set such a ‘picture show’ by which a man like Moses would overcome his ‘slow of speech and slow of tongue?’
Soul as I described in the beginning of this section has access to truth as an individual has hold on his wakeful and dream state. Man who can think so rationally and give considered opinions on his moods or state  of mind does not lose control of himself even when he is dreaming. His REM merely reveals he is witnessing certain images. Soul knows much more than you may care to admit. Hence you feel sense of guilt or bad conscience.
Our dream state transcribes our private hopes, fears in symbols. Truth cannot be laid aside whether we experience life in wakeful or dream state. Only that rational beings that we are we do not give the same emphases to what we undergo in two states of being.
Inherent weakness of religion is that man invariably latches on to one part and disregards the rest. Hypocrisy is the trail of one who makes such cut and paste job of  Truth. A hypocrite has so many tricks in his bag and each trick is, alas half truth.
God showed a spot of earth and he asked Moses to remove his shoes. The place where Truth speaks to our soul is a holy ground. There can’t be a place on earth that can be excluded since ‘Earth and the fullness thereof belongs to God. What does religion tell you? That Jerusalem or Mecca is the holy place? Those who consider Jerusalem as city of peace show no qualms of leveling Gaza Strip to powder. Hypocrites come in the guise  of religious leaders in order to commit murder and mayhem and such deserve no consideration. Their religion is riddled with lies and blasphemy.
Tailpiece: the word saunter is derived probably from Middle English santren to muse. To my purpose the word Sant terre is more apt: holy earth. When you saunter you are not driving a Caterpiller or some other earth cutting machine at breakneck speed to denude an entire rainforest before lunch so you have made some extra profit for the day.


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GABRIEL D’ANNUNZIO (Italian) (1863  –  1938).

D’ Annunzio was the most romantic figure of his day, whose vast output of poetry, drama and novels has not worn well with the changing times. They are remarkable for rich diction, gorgeous imagery and the sensuality that often bordered around the morbid. His florid and rhetorical behaviour matched his writing. He sat in the Italian parliament alternately on the extreme right and the extreme left and felt out of place in between. As a parody of Nietzchean superman he took everything to extremes. For a while he lived in France to escape his creditors but when the country needed his services he returned to Italy in 1915 to do his stint as a soldier.
As a man of the sword he was successful, collecting as many medals one could ever wish for. Of course he complained that he should have had more.
In 1919 to 1920 he ruled as dictator of Fiume, an independant state he constructed as part of his plan for Italian dominance in the Adriatic. This melodramatic example of international lawlessness made him a precursor of fascism. He has been called the choreographer of the March of Rome in 1922, but he was too jealous and egotist to be a fascist himself.

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