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Whether our absolute position would establish our souls in heavenly places or we carry them within our beings is a matter that is to be spiritually discerned. Arguing over what is unknowable is waste of time. Let every one decide what his or her soul has to say over this. Given my life’s color drawn from nature and nurture (whether by chance or by design) I believe Holy Spirit is the author of the Scriptures.  Soul of a Christian then is strengthened by spiritual food as my body need its daily calories. My soul is secure even as this body is showing signs of wear and tear. Naturally. What is earthy must leave its footprints on the Earth and what is incorruptible must live on. This spiritual life is a parallel world of which being born again is where we have submitted ourselves to a higher Truth than what we may know by our intellect. It is our hope. Like an anchor it shall hold on no matter how we may negotiate on this side of heaven.
St. Pauls epistle seems to say that we occupy the absolute position by faith.
(God) even when we were dead in sins…hath raised us up together and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.”(Eph 2:4-6)


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CLAUDE DEBUSSY (French) (1862 – 1918).


The most original voice in 20th Century music, Claude Debussy was trained at the ‘Paris Conservatoire’, won its conveted ‘Premier Grand Prix de Rome’, but soon displeasing the jury by the modernity of his work, went on his own to extent the language of music. His ‘Prélude’ (1894)affected directly or indirectly all music written after it, just as his only completed opera ‘Pelleas et Melisande’ (1902) proved a landmark in operatic working. Such scores as the ‘Nocturnes’, ‘La Mer’, the ‘Images’ and ‘Jeux’ evoke scenes in colour as surely as the impressionist canvasses of which they are the musical counterpart. He also enriched the literature of song and music for the piano, his own instrument. Three chamber sonatas written towards the end of his life, show extreme refinement and new directions, which his death from cancer prevented him from exploring further. Debussy’s music, unlike that of his perscursors, embraces the archaic and the oriental, monody and nascent harmonies, being used empirically in sequences or as parts of colour. His orchestral textures are concieved in terms of timbre or instrumental colour, so that this is felt to be as important an element as the pitch, density and rhythmic progress of the music. In this his influence on the music of our time has been paramount.

In retro: what is the price of originality? Debussy’s Pelleas et Melisande is rarely played. If music is on everybody’s lips and  is fashionable it becomes the ringtone of your mobile or the springboard for an advertising jingle.


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In an earlier post ‘Don’t knock on my ideals of Sept.17 I wrote thus: ‘The absolute position each of us occupies is about Truth. It is in Time and Space while we have our being on the Earth in time and space.

Soul is thus in context of Truth. Is Soul within my being or is located free from all taint in the absolute position? Whatever I say could only be a conjecture. The truth of the matter is we have fallen short of the ideal and as finite beings are subject to corruption. Our sojourn on this earth therefore is a relative position. We are on this side of heaven.


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