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Correspondence on the matter of size: Our planet earth is a living planet giving rise to millions of species of life forms; Because it is a home to every creature big or small, these life forms have learnt to interact in groups forming a food chain, and thriving as far as they could, making the most of their ecosystems. Crack open an acorn and one might find a world of creatures that make it their home during the nut’s growth and decay. The number, however, is limited considering the size of the acorn. The nut has its limit so has the earth. Such a comparison is based on idea and we thus make sense of this world and beyond.
Ideas are very potent since these are our working tools to carve out niche for ourselves. Even so it has a limit when we correspond with Idea since we, finite creatures, cannot contain Idea on its infinite scale.


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Duc de Richelieu(1696-1788)
The nephew of the great cardinal, Duc de Richelieu was as amoral as he was treacherous.But he was so amusing that he could get away with many lapses which in any other courtier would have invited banishment to the countries.He was very avaricious  that once during a siege the burgomaster brought him the symbolic keys-always in gold, as a token of the town’s surrender. Richelieu pocketed it and the burgomaster sadly reflected that before him  Turenne, the marechal de France(1611-1675) only used to take the towns and return the keys.
“Very likely,”replied the duke unabashed,”M.de Turenne was really inimitable.”


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