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Which came first? Chicken or egg?
In order to answer it as intelligently as I can allow me to mention the simple process of chicken laying eggs. Eggs cannot be hard within a chicken any more than a baby can come out of its mother’s uterus with its brain fully developed. Let me digress a little.
The greatest engineering skill, name it Positive Intelligence if you will, designed the process of child-birth to protect the baby as well as its mother. Thus the design has foreseen interests of both. It sees these as one. It will require six years for the brain of the child to fully develop that gives the mother to nurse the baby so nature (derived from both parents) has time to be impressed.
Let me come back to my main topic. A gamete* is a cell that fuses with another cell during fertilization and it is located in a chicken on the yolk surface and surrounded by albumen, or egg white. The albumen in turn is surrounded by two shell membranes (inner and outer membranes and then the eggshell. The chicken eggshell is 95-97% calcium carbonate crystals.The structure and composition of the chicken eggshell ( required for protecting the egg against damage and microbial contamination) is stabilized by a protein matrix. The shell becomes hard only as it is laid so as to falicitate its passage through the isthmus of the oviduct.
The importance of locating elusive Higgs boson is that it hints at a field permeating the Universe – the Higgs field by which particles to obtain their mass. Interactions with the field – with the Higgs bosons that come from it – are purported to give particles mass. If found true it must demonstrate that Positive Intelligence works out mass for our material world with the same attention to chicken’s laying eggs. Chicken and eggs were both coexistent in that Mind. Compare my post On Second Thoughts: female of the species. He created male and female as one.

*The name gamete was introduced by the Austrian biologist Gregor Mendel. Gametes carry half the genetic information of an individual, 1n of each type.

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Missing Link-God

How did our universe come into being? Material aspect of it has been balanced on ideas proposed by man so to speak. So many disciplines each setting out a piece to form a giant jigsaw puzzle. All these pieces must make one coherent whole.
In another analogy man like Archimedes could be looking for the lever to lift the How and Why of man and his universe. Is it Higgs boson particle? The Higgs mechanism proposes that there is a field permeating the Universe – the Higgs field – that allows particles to obtain their mass. Interactions with the field – with the Higgs bosons that come from it are purported to give particles mass. But is it God?
Without mass particles are like straws in wind and mass makes our earth run on a predictable orbit and have a gravitational field and so on.
Life on the earth gives the earth an identifiable form since man’s ideas have laid bare the warp and woof of our known universe to great extent. It is ethnocentric since man is naming things. It gives certain semblance of truth. We speak here of truth in its broadest sense.
Consider this : with so many life forms species after species Science could study fossils and give it a time tag and arrange their evoltutionary path. From available evidences when we speak of evolution as the basis that life originated gradually. It is what anyone with an opn mind can accept as most likely nearer to truth. Charles Darwin made it his life work and despite of many vicissitudes that life often crowns persons that preserve after truth, -he suffered from Chagga’s disease as a result of his sea voyages to South America. Yet he did an yeoman service to the world at large. He was a pioneer and his work since then has attracted many scientists all across the world and their work a testimony to man’s need to know truth. They have dedicated their lives in order to throw further light into secrets of Nature in evolutionary biology.
The idea of Natural selection is one among many facets grounded on truth. Science has no interest to explore what reason cannot grasp. Thus we know How we have come this far. How is only one part of the puzzle of our existence. Why we are here?
Such a conundrum is not teased out of rational mind as some grist to the mental mill. (Science cannot work on faith alone in vacuum.) Those who sought to unravel the How are seekers of truth. What made some dedicate their lives not for silver or gold mind you, but something that give meaning to their lives. St. Francis of Assissi, the son of a rich merchant of Pisa could have served the poor without disavowing his wealth or connections. But he made himself poor to serve the poor. In his eye he settled for a life of utmost simplicity as Baruch Spinoza did. One did as service to God while the latter did for no other reason than serving truth. God, Truth are all terms that stand far beyond human understanding. Spinoza did not care to publish his works in his lifetime since fame or riches were not his goal. He had to give his physical life, a frail life at that, some semblance of truth as well as he knew. Most of those who have impacted the world have nearly counted everything besides truth as impediment in their search. How is part of truth as Why is equally an integral part.
It is in this context we need to look at the search for Higgs boson as a milestone in our understanding of ourselves and the universe.
There is a Standard Model by which we have nearly explained how the Universe works – all of the particles that make up atoms and molecules and all the matter we see, along with more exotic particles. However, there is a glaring hole in the theory: it does not explain how it is that all those particles have mass. The Higgs mechanism was proposed in 1964 by six physicists, including the Edinburgh-based theoretician Peter Higgs, as an explanation to fill this hole. It is the only predicted elementary particle that has not yet been observed in particle physics experiments. Theories that do not need the Higgs boson also exist and would be considered if the existence of the Higgs Boson were ruled out. They are described as Higgsless models.
The crux of my post is that man has levered his universe on his rational mind. It has uncovered How which only requires the elusive Higgs boson that is what supplies mass. Positive Intelligence or God that supplies Why may go a long to speed up our knowledge.
Even though How and Why are found and consequently set into human language we need to realize we are transposing Truth Absolute in human terms.

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HUFFINGTON POST – Sure, plenty of people leave casinos feeling like they got swindled, but not like Behar Merlaku.

According to the Daily Mail, the Swiss gambler was convinced he had won a slot machine jackpot worth $57 million at a casino in Bregenz, Austria. But when he went to claim his prize, casino officials told him the machine had suffered from a software error and should not have awarded the jackpot.

Apparently, though the jackpot alarms went off, the slot machine only showed four matching symbols instead of the required five.

Merlaku was offered $100 and a free meal for his troubles.

Instead of accepting the offer, Merlaku decided to sue the casino. Interestingly, in their defense, casino officials note that Austrian law forbids jackpots of more than two million euros, according to the Mail. So much for the news.
There is also another news that rang bells,- something akin to those that go off when you score a lucky strike,in my head. Latest news from the field of science seems to indicate Higgs boson may be found.I almost expect some wise guy would categorically say God has been proved! We are dying to prove Him right(though he was around for eons in the unlikeliest places for instance in the back of your mind or in a glorious sunset and in the stream of unconsciousness and so on.).
The Higgs boson (sometimes nicknamed the “God particle” in popular media) is a hypothetical massive elementary particle that is predicted to exist by the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics.The Higgs boson is an integral part of the theoretical Higgs mechanism. If shown to exist, it would help explain why other particles can have mass. It is the only predicted elementary particle that has not yet been observed in particle physics experiments. Theories that do not need the Higgs boson also exist and would be considered if the existence of the Higgs Boson were ruled out. They are described as Higgsless models.(wikipedia)

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